Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Valentine's Gifts for Him

Boys can be tricky, so I have spent the last few weeks searching for the perfect Valentine's day gifts to please hopeless romantics and those who can't quite bring themselves to admit it yet...

Personalised 'I love you more than...' Print (£27) - It may not be true (I really do love my cat Maxie), but it's nice to let them think it anyway ;).
Kyoku for Men (from £11.50) - As far as grooming goes boys don't always make their efforts obvious, so perhaps it's time to push him in the right direction with a set of products he can't help but love. I have been testing out the Kyoku range for the last few weeks and am really impressed. The packaging sits firmly within the male domain - monochromatic, fuss free and to the point, it has a novel range of ingredients and the products work well without being too specific. Boys get confused easily (I often catch the bf washing his face in shampoo and vice versa as he thinks it's all the same), so a product with multi-tasking properties is always a bonus! My favourites are the Sake Infused Shave Cream (£25), Razor Repair Balm (£29) and Exfoliating Facial Scrub (£19).
David Beckham for H&M Boxer Shorts (£9.99) - A little inspiration?

Vintage Map Heart (£48) - Men and maps! I have never met a man who would ever admit he was lost, so why not play on stereotypes and get him a personalised map. Whether it depicts where you first met, where he was born, your first kiss, your wedding or your honeymoon destination it will make a lovely, thoughtful and stylish gift.
Leather ipad case (£24.95) - I'm not too tech savvy, but I'm pretty sure everyone would be thrilled to receive an ipad. However, if your other half is already lucky enough to have one, why not accessorize it with a smart case. The Proporta leather style case is affordable and functional as it not only protects the ipad, but also has a built in stand to support the ipad for easier reading.
Fossil Watch (from £75) - There are so many watches to choose from, but for men's watches that are stylish, practical, good quality and not too expensive I am always drawn to Fossil. They have a huge range of designs that are updated frequently with dress, sports, classic, mechanical and many more styles. Most watches also come with a 2 year limited free warranty, which often comes in handy.
Neal's Yard Gift Set (£23.30) - This set is perfect for sporty types to relieve tired bodies, muscles and minds. The duo includes Seaweed and Arnica Foaming Bath and Arnica Salve. 
Messless Charge Station (£79.99) - If he has a million gadgets and can never find the right stands, chargers or cables this compact charging station will definitely be very useful. This innovative device is capable of charging hundreds of portable devices such as MP3 players, handheld game consoles, mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and more.
LUSH Do Knot Disturb (£16.95) - Whatever your plans LUSH can guarantee your Valentine's evening will go even better with one of these ;). Do Knot Disturb has everything you need for a romantic getaway, all wrapped up in a cute red and white Knot-Wrap. There’s a box of Dirty Toothy Tabs to give you fresh breath for kissing, a Sex Bomb Ballistic to perfume your bath with aphrodisiac oils, a Lust soap to get each other in a lather and a gorgeous honey-chocolate Soft Coeur massage bar for later on the evening.
Scratch Off Word Map (£18) - To document all the places you aim to explore together...
Personalised Silver Plectrum (£49) - For all those songs he is going to write about you... this is cheesy, but it really made me giggle.
Almost as much as this!
I hope you all have a lovely Valentine's day! What will you be purchasing your loved one this Valentine's day? xxx


  1. Wow absolutely love the heart map idea, fantastic and just what I was looking for. xxx

  2. Some really great ideas here!
    Check out my Body Shop - Chocomaina giveaway!

  3. Love these gifts! Some really made me chuckle, great finds
    Kerry x

  4. My friend bought me the knit yourself a boyfriend for Christmas. If I start now, he should be ready in maybe a year!!

  5. very nice selection! some are very sweet indeed.

    I wish I saw this before the valentines! nevermind, will wait for another occasion :)
    I actually spent ages picking him a gift this year. But luckily I found the website where you can send them a picture and they will turn it in to a lovely hand painted cartoon-caricature, they also framed and delivered it! I emailed them a picture of us on a holiday and now a cartoon version is hanging in our hallway.
    Cheers, Lia

  6. Excellent suggestions with the first suggestion with the photo i love you more than the dog does makes me laugh a lot and feel that is the best gift.

  7. It seems to me that messless charge station would be perfect as almost every man loves gadgets.

  8. Neil's yard Gift Set would be a practical gift to be appreciated by a man who works out or who comes back home tired from work and an accompanying rub or massage would definitely score big!

  9. nice ideas for gifts :D if anyone need more ideas check gifts for him.

  10. I am personally a fan of gadgets so i would go for PDAs,cell phones etc. This is the reason that i always send gifts to pakistan from usa choosing mobiles, PDAs etc as these instruments are expensive over there.

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  16. If he is an electronics kind of guy, order a tech gadget (tablet, notebook, smartphone) from an online company and have it customized. Maybe his name on the gadget.

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  17. After visiting your blog I think I have enough idea about what to give to my boyfriends in Valentine Day. thank u .

  18. Cool ideas! Especially the last 2 ones :)

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  20. If you have the budget why not go all the way and redesign one of his rooms.

    Great post.

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