Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Olympic Makeup Look

Did you see the Olympic Opening Ceremony? What did you think? I think everyone involved did a brilliant job and I actually felt very emotional and proud to see the fusion of history, culture, technology, creativity and imagination along with a good helping of British humour displayed to the world!

Unfortunately as I was stuck on a train for the majority of Friday night with no internet (thanks Virgin/ T-Mobile) I wasn’t able to post this amazing Olympic Ceremony look created by the talented and genuinely lovely Max Factor MUA Caroline Barnes before the event. This look was created specifically for volunteers, medal bearers and escorts, but that doesn’t mean we can’t all have a go!! Though they do have a slight head start on us as they have been gifted with Max Factor makeup and P&G goody bags to recreate the look ;).
However, I think this look is so wearable and versatile that it doesn’t need a special occasion to try! The video below gives a step by step guide on how to achieve the look.
Good luck ladies and Go Team GB (though I am also supporting Russia and Ukraine for obvious reasons). xxx

Monday, 30 July 2012

KM by Karen Millen Capsule Collection

You all know how much I adore Karen Millen, not only for occasion wear, but also well structured and flattering work dresses. I have a number of their shoes in my closet, but have never embarked on purchasing their other accessories, though they always catch my eye. I was therefore excited to see that they have launched a new capsule collection KM by Karen Millen.

This is a cute mini-collection that offers affordable luxury accessories including tote bags, purses and even ballet flats.
The classic totes retail at £99 while the small totes are £65. 
 This durable metallic effect leather purse is £40.
My top pick of the collection is definitely these cute ballet flats (£85) that will go with everything!

KM are running a competition on the Karen Millen website where one lucky winner will be able to own the entire collection. I'm keeping my (selfish) fingers crossed! xxx

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Montagne Jeunesse Spa Masks

Montagne Jeunesse is definitely an old favourite of mine. Their masks come in handy single use pouches perfect for travelling, or just a little bedtime treat. I was excited to be sent some of their new spa range clay masks to try out as I absolutely love the purifying and soothing qualities of clay masks.
What is really special about these masks is that they are just that! Each individually wrapped natural bamboo fabric mask comes soaked in specially sourced clay to make application super quick and removal pretty effortless. There is no mess and you are sure to have enough product, eavenly applied to the skin in seconds. All you have to do is unfold the mask and then pat it down on your face to ensure maximum contact.
Apologies for the ghastly photo. I should have put a health warning on it! Beauty is not always pretty huh?

After the mask is applied all you have to do is stay in doors (preferably locked in order to save yourself the embarrassment that I just put myself through by showing you the above). Relax for 10-15 minutes and then peel the mask off. You can then just splash your face with cool water to remove any residue, though very little is left.

The Montagne Jeunesse Spa masks are available here for £1.49, as well as Boots and ASDA stores. All MJ products are vegetarian-approved, made from natural ingredients and paraben-free. Montagne Jeunesse is proud of its uncompromising natural credentials and ethos for ‘Conservation of Energy, Protection of Animals and the Environment.’

Are you a fan of clay masks? Have you tried any Montagne Jeunesse face masks? Are you tempted by the new fabric masks? xxx

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Tria Hair Removal Laser

The Tria Hair Removal Laser is a portable gadget that promises permanent results at just a fraction of the salon price (£349). I have been using this over the last few months and wanted to share my progress and first impressions of the product. Do check out the video below if you are interested in hair removal at home!

If you are interested in finding out more you can visit the Tria website here. I will be sure to update you all soon with my progress! xxx


Friday, 27 July 2012


This post has been a long time coming! A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to freshen up my hair with a few subtle highlights. However, my wish for sunkissed locks was not fulfilled and after an absolute disaster involving someone I can't believe is allowed to colour hair, too much bleach and (dare I type it) black hair dye I was left in an absolute panic. Luckily, I was able to get in touch with the right people to rectify some of the damage in the shade department, but my hair was still left feeling dry and ravaged. It has taken me the best part of a month to bring it back to life and get over the shock (I can't recommend Ojon and Philip B haircare enough!!). Yes... I know how melodramatic I sound, but hair is so important and when your hair doesn't look good you can't help feeling rubbish.

Enough of the preamble though, a few of you have asked me to share the new hair...
Frankly after many a wash and a treatment it doesn't look so different. It's a cooler brown tone all over with lots of thin caramel highlights throughout.
The initial post colour skunkalike photos are not making it on to the internet. Seriously.. think the worst hair in history... think *gasp* Tulisa.
So what do you guys think of the new hair? It's good to have a change every now and then, but I have been blonde, dark, mousey and I still think the red is my favourite. It just looked so much more glossy and no doubt I will be running back into its comforting embrace come Autumn ;). xxx

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Accessorize Lovely Day Palette

Everyone loves a good bargain, especially when the quality of the product is much higher than its price! Recently I have been playing around with some makeup from Accessorize and am absolutely in love with their beautiful Lovely Day palette!
The palette comes in cute cardboard leopard and rose print packaging with a sizeable mirror. Although I am not normally a fan of paper cases this does make it lightweight and perfect for travelling or just throwing into a hand bag.
The selection of colours and textures is also impressive. There are lots of different colours to choose from in matt, shimmer and satin finishes. I love the mix of pigmented fun, bright, yet wearable shades and staple neutrals making this palette extremely versatile.
A selection of shades (with flash)
 (Without flash)

I recently created a neutral brown and gold smokey eye using a couple of shadows from this palette.
The shadows were really rich in pigment and effortless to blend. Not bad for under £8.95!

This palette is available in Superdrug and online, and I highly recommend you check it out.

Have you tried any makeup from Accessorize? Which are your favourite products? Any recommendations? xxx

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Philip B Oud Royal Shampoo and Conditioner

Philip B's latest creation is the indulgent Oud Royal range that promises to transform all hair types.

Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine contains time-released botanical hydrators, molecules tiny enough to pass through the fiber of hair and moisturize each strand from the inside out. 
This set promises to be perfect for reviving, defining and de-frizzing curls; creating sleek, swingy blowouts and plumping up fine, limp hair for lasting volume.
Key features include:
  • An intensive hydrating complex treated with high-vapor energy – a new, patent-pending technology that breaks botanical oils into molecules tiny enough to sink deep inside the hair shaft. 
  • Time-released botanical delivery system (made with natural Safflower Oleosomes) for major volume and a lustrous shine that goes on and on. 
  • L-Amino Acids revive parched strands & tame frizz without weight. 
  • Sweet Blue Lupine Peptides for superior color protection. 
  • Pure Oud Essence for a rich, warm, sweet-woody scent. 
  • Sulfate-free shampoo cleansing base with a rich luxurious lather for gentle and effective cleaning. 
  • Safe for color-treated or straightened hair.  
The Oud Royal Shampoo and Conditioner both smell amazing and work hard to ensure hair is well nourished. The recommended use is to only apply the conditioner every other time you wash your hair as the shampoo is moisturising enough to be used on its own! As it is sulphate and sodium chloride free it doesn't lather as much as most shampoos, but that can easily be fixed by adding more water and massaging the scalp. I would highly recommend this for coloured hair as it is so gentle or as an indulgent treat for those trying to get the hair into perfect condition.

As with all Philip B products the price point is set high with the shampoo retailing at £60 and the conditioner at £70.

Do you indulge in hair care? Have you ever tried any products from the Philip B line? xxx

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Shu Uemura UV Under Base Mousse

With the Summer sun finally peeking through the clouds I thought this would be a good time to talk about sun protection. It is so important to protect your skin all year round, but particularly in the summer months. One of the products I have been relying on this season to shield my skin from sun exposure is Shu Uemura's UV Under Base Mousse SPF 30.
This mousse was developed based on Mr. Shu Uemura’s idea to create a product which performs as a veil between skincare and make-up for a better make-up canvas. A little goes a long way with this product. The recommended quantity is a walnut size.
The mousse is easy to spread and unlike most sun protection products it is super light weight. It doesn't feel sticky, creamy or thick and sinks into the skin instantly.
Although the mousse doesn't provide much coverage it mattifies the skin blurring pores and imperfections.
I have found it a great base to use after moisturiser before foundation as it sets matt and ensures liquid foundation stays put. As my skin does get more oily in the summer it's great to have a base that doesn't shift and provides SPF 30.

Shue Uemura UV Under Base mousse is £29 and available to purchase online here in the original beige shade.

Do you use a primer with SPF? Which are your favourites? Have you tried the Shu Uemura Under base? xxx

Monday, 23 July 2012

Work It Out: Printed Pretty Pleats

Uh oh! I promise this will be the last post featuring a Reiss sale piece, but you all know I can't control myself when it comes to a bargain. So when I saw this Nico pretty midi skirt down from £125 to £37 I couldn't resist. It's 100% silk... it's pleated... it has a graphic mint print and sexy side splits. Need I say more?
Cami: Zara, Jumper: Mango, Skirt: Reiss (here), Shoes: Gucci.
Have you picked up any special pieces in the recent sales? xxx

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Molton Brown Pep-Rich Lip Booster

Recently I have been trying to get my lips in tip top condition with Molton Brown's Pep-Rich Lip Booster. This handbag handy lipbalm is perfect when on the go as it applies with a few simple clicks, just like a gloss - no sticky fingers!
With extracts of African mango and papaya and Palmitoyl-oligopeptide a collagen-boosting peptide it works hard to ensure lips are smooth and well hydrated. 
At £30 for 3.5ml I'm not sure if it's a miracle product that justifies the price, but it is definitely a lip balm I have enjoyed using.

What lip balms are you currently using? Any recommendations? xxx

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Work It Out: Blue Leopard

Another day, another purchase in the Reiss sale - this time a pair of royal blue cigarette pants.
 Shirt: Zara, Trousers: Reiss, Shoes: Gucci
The shape of this trouser is a little awkward to wear, but a good pair of heels generally helps. I love the high waisted fit and the vibrant, yet classic deep blue!

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Body Shop Scents of the World Perfume Oils

I have been a fan of The Body Shop's fragrances since my pre-teen years and am amazed that every year they bring out new scents that never fail to capture my attention. This season they have launched Scents of the World - their first fragrance collection containing 100% organic essence and globally sourced natural extracts.
I was sent a set of perfume oils to sample, which are all alcohol free. I love the dinky size of these as they are super easy to throw into a handbag and apply on to pulse points throughout the day to freshen up.

The fragrance selection includes:
  •  Indian Night Jasmine -  This seductive, feminine blend of floral and oriental accords was inspired by a moonlit night in a Mughal garden.
  • Japanese Cherry Blossom - This romantic, captivating blend of floral and hinoki wood accords was inspired by a spring day in Kyoto.
  • Atlas Mountain Rose - This bright, dewy blend of floral accords was inspired by dawn in a field of blossoming roses.
  • Amazon Wild Lily- This crisp, luminous blend of floral and aquatic accords is inspired by the rain-kissed cool of the jungle.
  • Madagascan Vanilla - This warm, sensual blend of floral and oriental accords was inspired by the tropical island.

The fragrance oils retail at £7 each for 15ml and work perfectly when layered with the other products in the collection of the same scent - eau de toilette, body mist, shower gel and body lotion. You can check out the whole Scents of the World collection here.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kiehl's Orange Flower & Lychee Fragrance

Kiehl's new Aromatic Blends Collection features four intoxicating fragrances designed to take you on a sensorial trip around the world. The perfumes in each trio of fragrance, body cleanser and body lotion have been inspired by a rich variety of destinations. 

The Fig Leaf & Sage fragrance echoes spring in Provence - a combination of the scent of the air beneath the fig tress and the delicate aromas of the herbs in the surrounding fields. Vanilla & Cedarwood is a delicate balance of ying and yang - the feminine, smooth, smoky and slightly sweet vanilla sourced in Uganda and the masculine, raw and earthy Virginia cedarwood. Nashi Blossom & Pink Grapefruit uses a unique extraction technology to draw out the delicate scent of nashi blossom, mixed with ginger and Brazilian pink grapefruit.

My favourite of the four fragrances is the deliciously sweet, creamy, yet slightly citrus Orange Flower & Lychee fragrance. I am not normally a fan of orange blossom, but the sweet rose like lychee and honey notes blend beautifully with the bitter orange.
"The Orange Flower & Lychee recreates the atmosphere of late afternoon in a Moroccan garden. The orange tree absorbs the warmth of the sun during the day then exudes its strong distinctive essences as the air begins to cool in the evening, while the lychee lends a soft and sweet aroma reminiscent of the roses growing nearby."
It's always great to layer products to ensure your favourite fragrance lasts all day, so I think it's fantastic that Kiehl's has launched these trios. All the products smell amazing, as well as being kind to skin and containing only the best and most effective ingredients. I particularly like the body lotion as it is light enough to apply in hotter weather or in the morning as it absorbs quickly and feels soothing. They also contain botanical oils, butters and glycerin to ensure skin is nourished without silicones and is well hydrated for 24 hours.

Kiehl's Aromatic Blends launch in Kiehl's stores from September. The fragrances will retail at £48 for 100ml, with the mist £26 for 30ml. Skin softening body lotion will retail at £24 for 250ml and body cleanser £19 for 250ml.

Are you looking forward to Kiehl's new range of fragrances? Which scent appeals to you most? Do you like to layer scented products? xxx

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Umbria and Tuscany

Not too long ago I spent a magical week in the plush Italian countryside on the border between Umbria and Tuscany. Having returned home to find my internet was broken (fixed today yay!) I have been looking forward to sharing these pictures with you for far too long!!!

 Swimsuit and flip-flops: Ted Baker. Sunglasses: Fiorelli.

 Dress, clutch and flip-flops: Ted Baker. Sunglasses: Prada.

Lake Trasimeno
Bikini: Reiss
Passignano sul Trasimeno pier
 The view from Castiglione del Lago
 Dress: Topshop (similar here)
 Sunflowers in Tuscany
 Montepluciano - where they filmed Twilight New Moon!
Godiolo Vineyard and wine tasting!

Photography by the pool...
Swimsuit: Red or Dead (here)
Enjoying the sunset in Castel Rigone
 Beautiful Florence
 Lucky piglet Porcellino
 Out for dinner on the last night. Dress: Amaka Showroom.

A very photo heavy post, but I love looking at everyone's holiday snaps, so I do hope you enjoyed them! xxx
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