Friday, 18 March 2016

Review: Zelens Lip Treatment Oil and Power A High Potency Vitamin A Treatment Drops

About a month ago I had the pleasure of meeting Dr Lens, plastic surgeon and creator of the Zelens skincare brand. Having never tried any Zelens products before I was interested to learn about his philosophy of combining active biotechnology ingredients with pure molecules derived from botanicals, as well as quiz him on a few of my skin concerns such as sun exposure – do we leave the SPF off to gain some vitamin D or is protection from the sun more important? While the jury is still out on this issue I have been trying out a few of the products from the Zelens range!
The product I have used every day since opening it is the amazing Zelens Lip Treatment Oil (£40). I didn’t initially like the idea of a lip oil as I thought it would feel unpleasantly greasy and would either be too thick or smear too easily. However, this oil is light, with a wonderfully smooth and comforting texture that stays put on the lips, giving them a beautiful gloss. The Zelens lip oil contains 9 plant oils infused with powerful botanicals, vitamins, peptides and other anti-aging ingredients. It has a very subtle fragrance and no taste. It hydrates lips, delivering instant moisture, strengthening the lipid barrier and protecting against environmental damage. It also helps to smooth and fill in fine lines and wrinkles while improving lip texture, plumpness and shape. I absolutely love it, especially for use in the morning – I apply it straight after foundation and by the time the rest of my face is done my lips are soft, smooth and primed for the day! It’s great to use under lipstick as a base or over lip products as a gloss and sealer of moisture. 
The second product I have used with equal enthusiasm is the Power A High Potency Vitamin A Treatment Drops (£115). Being new to retinol and having very fair, sensitive skin I began to use this cautiously, but am happy to report that my skin hasn’t reacted to it at all. I have seen no dryness or irritation and am super impressed by how gentle it has been on my delicate skin! Zelens Vitamin A concentrate contains a powerful combination of pure, encapsulated retinol and two retinoids. This time-released, oil-free retinol treatment promotes skin renewal and improves skin tone and texture with minimal or no irritation. It aims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots resulting from aging and sun damage. Additionally it helps to clear blemishes and diminish the look of enlarged pores. I have definitely seen an improvement in my skin after a few weeks of use. I usually apply a few drops at night (and while this product is quite pricey I’m happy to say that a little really does go a long way) and my skin feels smoother by morning.

I am excited to have found a new skincare range that works so well with my skin and also answers many of my skin concerns and look forward to trying more Zelens products in the future, and as ever, sharing my experience with you!
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