Thursday, 27 May 2010

Stila Less than half price!!

A super quick post (it's 7 in the morning and I am already running late), but I couldn't let this deal go by without telling you all. If you are in the UK and in the market for Stila (which is pretty impossible to find) are having a massive sale starting today with tonnes of Stila products!
 Most of the products are less than half price with eyeshadows at £5 (RRP £11), tinted moisturiser at £7 (RRP £18) and their foundation at just £10 (RRP £26). This quad in marrakesh is also £10 (RRP £26). Bargainous!
Have a good day my lovelies, it's time for me to sprint to work :). xxx

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Day to night in 30mins

This weekend I had a few (read 10) of my uni friends coming to stay so it was quite hectic to say the least. As we were out all day on Saturday I had about 30mins to change and freshen up before going out. So here is my tried and tested day to night turnaround.

During the day I kept the makeup super simple with some foundation, blusher and bronzer on the skin, and mascara with a little black khol pencil smudged along the lashline.

For the evening I quickly changed into a short burgundy dress from ASOS with black tights and patent leather heels (not seen).

Instead of styling my hair I clipped in a couple of wefts of love hair extensions in different colours to add volume and dimension, then quickly curled the ends with the babyliss conical wand to blend them in.


For makeup I touched up the skin and then added drama to the eyes with an exaggerated winged liner set with sparkly black eyeshadow (I used a chanel one, but MAC black tied would work just as well) and of course false lashes from e.l.f.
I then added some deep pink blush from Sleek and finished off with MAC's creme d'nude lipstick.

All in under 30 mins... mainly to stop the guys from whingeing that I always take too long to get ready. What are your tricks for getting ready in a hurry? xxx

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Online shopping, but at half price?

So I have a problem. I wish I could call it a small problem, but let's face it, it is far from that. I am absolutely addicted to online shopping (the bf says I'm an insatiable shopaholic but what does he know?).

Unfortunately I no longer have the time to go shopping on the high street very often (why can't shops in London be open 'til 9 like they are in other big cities I whinge constantly?). However, I have become very speedy at entering my card details online, so much so that I now remember all of them (even the ridiculously long one- how sad!). I look forward to my lunch break every day knowing that I can sit down in the comfort of my wheely chair for 15 minutes and browse through all the shiny things my heart desires.

A friend recently pointed me to a couple of sites that I have subsequently become absolutely addicted to. They host sales from a huge range of different brands from Diesel to Coccinelle to Pringle to Ralph Lauren to Bodum (and yes the other day I purchased a Wok for £10.. what? It was a good deal). The only downside is these websites are invite only, meaning that a current user has to send you an e-mail invite, and then you sign up for their mailing list. Don't panic, they are not spammers, all they do is send you updates of the sales that they have coming up. Each brand sale only lasts only a few days, but there are always about 10 sales going on at the same time. Also, as the sites don't store the products themselves (and hence can sell them at ridiculous prices to us),  your purchases do take a couple of weeks to arrive as the sale has to be finished before they can despatch them to you.

I am not affiliated to these in any way, but I just wanted to tell you about them as they are absolutely fantastic. Who doesn't like getting a good deal and buying a designer bag at 80% off? I know whenever that e-mail drops into my inbox I get excited :). 

So what are these amazing internet shopping havens? and (I think you can still sign up for this one on their front page, but there are limited places left).

If any of you are interested in joining please e-mail me ( and I shall send you an invite.

I shall leave you with a few items I am currently fawning over to tingle your shopping taste buds (if such things exist?).

Love Sparkle Earrings (RRP £30), on sale for £10
Love Sparkle Ring (RRP £41), on sale for £14
Love Sparkle Cats Eye Necklace (RRP £105), on sale £35
18 Cart Gold Plated Earrings (RRP £28), on sale £11
The sites have much, much more than jewelry, but these are just the pieces that caught my eye today. I can't recommend them enough! If you are interested do leave a comment and I shall set up a new account that I can use to invite you all :). xxx

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Just a quickie ;)

So all in all it has been a pretty bleak weekend! The furthest I have ventured in the cold drizzle is to Tesco's for snacks and wine. I don't know if any of you have similar problems, but my mood is very heavily dictated by the weather (hence I hate the winter), and when it is so grey outside I have literally no energy or motivation to do anything! On horrible days like this I feel pretty miserable and all I want to do is curl up in a warm blanket, watch movies all day, eat like a bear who has just come out of hibernation and sleep for 12 hours without disruption (check, check, definitely check and nowhere near check unfortunately).

I felt guilty being such a slob as I promised you guys some exciting OOTDs and the weekends are the only times I can wear clothes I like (as opposed to suits and pencil skirts that cut off the circulation to the lower part of my body after I have had lunch... is it just me?). Instead, yesterday's outfit was made up of the first comfy things that I could pull out of my drawer.. not very inspiring!

The mint green T-shirt is from Oasis, though I love the colour (a little more chanel jade irl) the fit, or lack of it, definitely makes it something I do housework in rather than wear out. The jeggings are from ASOS and the grey jumper/ shawl is from Abercrombie about 5 years ago - seriously the most lovingly comfy and warm thing I own.

The makeup too was a lazy 3 minute effort. When I have no time or energy I usually just put on some concealer, a little cream blush (MAC lilicent) and mascara (L'Oreal Voluminous carbon black) and pair it with a bright lip. That way you still look like you made some effort, without investing time in perfecting your eyeshadow and skin. (The only thing I would say is that if your skin is very uneven or is going through a breakout make sure you use foundation and a good concealer to even everything out as bright lipsticks really do highlight flaws in your skin much more so than a heavy eye look will).
For this bright coral (or let's face it orange) lip I used NYX femme 643 lipstick with The Body Shop's love gloss in no. 18 on top (which I just noticed is made in Thailand?). I know many of you avoid orange lipsticks as they can make your teeth look yellow, but I absolutely adore them as they really brighten and lift the face. They can look much more natural than pinks or berries on warm skin tones and on cooler skin tones (like mine) the contrast is beautiful.

A coral lipstick is my must have of the summer (if it ever stops raining!).. have you got a favourite? xxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

FOTD or night :)

Last night was an evening with the girlies. I was very excited to dress up and go for drinks and dancing to celebrate my friend finishing her exams and graduating! Yay!! There are few things I enjoy more than a few cocktails and turning up my ipod speakers to full volume while getting ready for a night out :).
Since it was raining I didn't want to spend an hour styling my hair for it to turn to frizz as soon as I stepped out of the front door, so instead I clipped in a few love hair extensions in a couple of different colours to add some volume. For the eyes I kept it relativity simple (for me) with MAC crystal avalanche in the inner corner, print all over the lid and a little reflects teal glitter pressed on top. I am also wearing foxy lashes, which I absolutely adore!

Hope you all had a fun Saturday night despite the downpours! xxx

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Completely Self Gratuitous Show and Tell

While I was traveling in Thailand I bought a number of beautiful beads and stones (inspired by Muhsine) I was determined to start making my own exotic necklaces. I even went as far as ordering a jewelry making kit from e-bay complete with pliers and all manner of hooks I had no idea how to use. As with most of my good intentions, however, these all ended up in the back of a draw...

Coming home last night in a foul mood (weather, work, bf were all out to get me.. sniff sniff) I was looking forward to curling up on the sofa and enjoying a quiet evening of mindless TV. Hours later the boredom had kicked in and I decided it was time to do something a bit more creative!

 This is the first necklace I have ever made, and I just wish I had stopped being lazy earlier. It was fun to do, didn't take very long and I absolutely love it! I believe the blue beads are turquoise and the red ones are made of coral (this is what I was told at the time, but my Thai isn't exactly good and neither was the English of the lady who sold it to me). I am planning to make another one this weekend from rose quartz mixed with jade.

If you ever have the chance to buy some beads and make your own jewelry I would highly recommend it as you can make wonderful pieces at a fraction of the price!
 What do you guys think of my first effort? It means so much more when you design and make it yourself doesn't it? xxx
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