Saturday, 4 February 2012

Dr Lipp Balm

Dr.Lipp balm is 100% natural, tasteless and odourless, which makes it extremely versatile. It can be used to moisturise any dry areas, soothe rashes, calluses, eczema, scars, sunburn and especially dry lips! 
Dr. Lipp’s original balm was historically used by nursing mothers to soothe their sensitive nipples, hence the rather alternative name -nipple balm for lips!
 So what is this miracle balm made of? The answer lies in sheep!

The oils and waxes sheep naturally produce to protect their fleece are scientifically known to be the most similar to oils also produced by human skin. Dr.Lipp’s formula is made from these same natural oils and waxes processed and purified to a Medical Grade standard of purity and cleanliness, removing all environmental polutants. The formula is so pure it is termed Medical Grade Lanolin, which makes it suitable for pharmaceutical use.
The balm itself has quite a thick consistency, but quickly softens on contact. It strongly reminds me of Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream, but without any distinctive scent. Once applied it is colourless, but leaves a gorgeous shine, so it can be used as a light, moisturising gloss over your favourite lip colour!

For more information on this amazing balm you can visit the Dr Lipp website here. You can also purchase the balm for £11 on the Zuneta website here.

Have you tried Dr Lipp balm? What are your favourite moisturising products? xxx
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