Monday, 27 February 2012

Avon Ideal Flawless Foundation

I must admit that I am a relative newcomer to Avon's products, but I was excited to be given the opportunity to try their new Ideal Flawless Foundation SPF 15 that promises full coverage creating a virtually undetectable veil of natural-looking, flawless perfection.
The range has a very impressive selection of 16 shades from the palest Light Pink (my colour) to the richest Earth, with great variation among the colours to cover cool, warm and neutral skin tones.  The campaign is fronted by the gorgeous Alesha Dixon, Avon's Beauty and Empowerment ambassador, who looks absolutely radiant in the promotional imagery.
I have been wearing this foundation for the last three weeks and testing it out in a range of environments. I am always hesitant to post about products as soon as I receive them, especially where skin is concerned, because it is all too easy to try something once and proclaim your love for it. Since your skin can change quite dramatically depending on the weather, environment, your activities and (umm) your cycle I always try to be thorough in testing out foundations in a myriad of situations.
As can be seen above this foundation has quite a thick liquid formulation, almost akin to a mousse. However, it is very easy to spread due to its silicone content and feels quite slippery on application. In the bottle there is a little shimmer visible, but I didn't find that this translated to the skin once applied.
One pump was enough to cover my whole face giving an even medium/full coverage. As the foundation doesn't sink into the skin quickly while blending this does give you time to work with it, but also means that it isn't incredibly long lasting as it doesn't set matte. This is not to say that it disappears halfway through the day, but I did find that if I was going out after work I needed to add a little extra for a flawless look. I tend to get an oily t-zone and though the foundation didn't accentuate this I did feel that my face looked a little more shiny about 6 hours after application. If you are a fan of the slightly dewy, glowing look then this is a great foundation to try!
Ideal Flawless gives a lovely finish to the skin and makes it feel velvety soft. Though I would say that it wasn't 'invisible' as you can definitely see that I was wearing makeup. It didn't look heavy or cakey, but the coverage was definitely there and the foundation perceptible. I will let you all be the judge... the photo below has not been edited (except for cropping and increase in exposure as I get ready in the pitch black mornings lol).
One thing I would recommend while wearing this is to make sure your skin is smooth and well moisturised as it can cling to dry areas and make them more visible, though it is easy enough to buff away after application.

Overall I have really enjoyed trying out this foundation as it gives a lovely coverage and velvety finish to the skin making it look smooth and glowing. There is a great selection of colours to suit a broad range of skin tones and given it's affordable price point of £12 (currently on offer for £10 on Avon's website here) I definitely think it is one worth checking out!

Have you guys tried Avon's latest foundation offering? What do you think of the finish? Are you a fan of Avon's products? Do you have any favourites/ recommendations for me to try? xxx
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