Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Review: Pixi Skincare

While I have always enjoyed using Pixi cosmetics their skincare range has somehow passed me by until now. However, when a press release landed in my inbox I did a little more research and after being impressed by all the positive reviews I decided to try some Pixi skintreats for myself.
The first product that caught my eye was the Glow Mud Mask (£18)*. As I have been travelling a fair bit recently (both for work and for fun) I had quite a few blemishes popping up all over the place, as well as some older ones that would stubbornly refuse to fade. I  have found mud masks to be really good at drawing out impurities so I was excited to give this one a try to combat those stubborn spots.

This mask is formulated to stimulate, clarify, and brighten skin. The mineral-rich treatment helps to absorb oil, draw out impurities, and fight breakouts while giving an energizing boost to the complexion. In contains Kaolin & sea salt to purify and ginseng & aloe vera balance. I apply the mask in a generous layer on freshly cleansed skin and let it sit for 15 minutes. It dries and sets well in that time, but doesn't feel too tight (I personally dislike it when masks dry so much that it’s impossible to move your face). After washing the mask off my skin felt very smooth and clean and I look forward to using it about twice a week to help my skin clear, as well as a spot treatment overnight on blemishes.
The next mask I tried was the Nourishing Sleep Mask (£18)*. This overnight mask provides a nutrient-rich veil of moisture to heal & protect skin while you sleep. The formula is rich in fruit & flower oils to soothe, arginine to strengthen, and hyaluronic acid to plump. It deeply nourishes skin and seals in any serum or treatment applied underneath.

I love masks that can be left overnight as you feel like you are really getting all the goodness from the mask and feeding your skin while you sleep. This mask goes on clear and has a very emollient texture, like a rich cream. I apply it straight after cleansing and leave it for about 10-15 minutes before going to bed to make sure it sinks in a little (and doesn’t just come off on my pillow). In the morning I can definitely see that my skin is really well moisturised and feels very supple. I think this mask would make a great skin saviour on flights too as you can cleanse and apply it straight after takeoff and be safe in the knowledge that your skin is hydrated and protected from the yucky cabin air.

The last product I trialed was the Pixi 24k Eye Elixir (£22)*. This rollerball style pen is infused with powerful age-defying ingredients to refresh eyes & prevent signs of fatigue. Collagen helps to repair the delicate eye area, peptides plump fine lines, and raspberry tones skin. The cooling rollerball applicator is designed to soothe & encourage circulation around the eye. I always find it difficult to see the results of these rollerball eye treatments, but they are really easy and quick to use and do feel refreshing on the eye.
For more information on Pixi Beauty you can check out their website here:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Review: Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

Over the past few weeks since returning from holiday I have been trying out the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion* (£5.10). My skin was quite dehydrated after a little sun and a number of long haul flights so it definitely needed some TLC! 
This lotion has a very smooth texture and sinks into the skin quickly, making it perfect for a swift application in the morning before showering so you can get dressed right away - because who has time to wait around in the morning anyway? Despite feeling light it still provides great hydration and leaves your skin soft and smooth.

The lotion contains active colloidal oatmeal, which is clinically proven to help improve the condition of dry skin from day one. It is also clinically proven to go beyond 24 hour hydration and replenish the skin's natural barrier function to significantly improve the condition of dry skin in just 2 weeks. I have definitely noticed the skin on my legs, which was particularly dry and uncomfortable, feeling much smoother and looking a lot more healthy over the last few weeks. 

My little skincare secret  is to apply it straight after a bath or shower to lock in extra moisture. My friend @vonnekhoo always has the best skincare tips so I would love to tag her to share her secrets! 

If you have any skincare secrets you would like to share let me know using #AveenoSkincareSecrets, I'd love to get some extra tips as the Summer has definitely left my skin looking quite dehydrated!

To learn more about this, or any other Aveeno product you can visit the website or check out their facebook page
*This is a sponsored post, but as always my review is based on testing the product out and giving my opinion*

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Review: Metallic Tattoos

Tatoos have never really been my thing, I love them on other people, but the permanence was always an issue as I like to change my mind, my style and just about everything else! However, after spotting the new boho metallic/ flash versions all over my Instagram I decided to give them a tentative try when In Your Dreams contacted me to offer a sample.
As soon as they arrived I was so excited I immediately got the scissors out to try them on and I have to say I love them. In a way they take me back to my childhood of buying bubblegum just so I could wear the temporary tattoos that came in the wrapper. I have a vivid memory of having one around my belly button that I thought was just the coolest thing ever and wishing I could be 18 and make it permanent.
The foiled tattoos from In Your Dreams are a much more grown up and classy version. I was sent the Mayan collection (£5) and I have tried out quite a few of them - the skinny ones like a bracelet over the wrist, on the inside of my wrist, on my ankle, hip and back (thank you to my hubby for patiently holding the soaked cotton wool to make sure they transferred neatly). They were so easy to apply and lasted a decent amount of time, depending in the placement.
As I wear a watch on one wrist and a fitbit on the other the 'bracelet' ones only lasted two days, but the one on my hip has been going strong for over a week (and was fun to explain to a sixty year old doctor when he was doing my routine Bupa health assessment lol)! They add just that little bit of fun and catch the light in such a beautiful way! They are perfect for festivals and on the beach, but even having one in a subtle place always makes me smile when I see it.
Have you tried metallic tattoos?  The Summer isn't over yet so I would definitely recommend giving them a go!


Sunday, 5 July 2015

OOTD: Workwear

With the heatwave we have been experiencing in London appropriate workwear has been tricky. I commute by tube each day so I am very sympathetic with most Londoners sweltering underground. However, at times like these the temperature in the office is arctic as the aircon desperately tries to overcompensate and ensure that the guys in their 3 piece suits are catered for. I therefore wanted to share some outfits from the last week of how I dress for work and try to remain professional (and not look like I'm off to the beach), but still comfortable.

The first dress I have been loving is a sale purchase from Ted Baker. It's very comfortable and though it has a lining the fabric is pretty stretchy so it never feels tight. The pattern is very Summery, but the demure length still makes it office appropriate.
Dress on sale from Ted Baker here

This outfit is super comfortable and easy to wear. The floaty fabric is cool, but the length of the skirt makes it work appropriate and traditional.
Top and Skirt from French Connection on sale here
The last outfit is a super comfortable dress from Reiss. It's light, but not at all see through. It moulds effortlessly to your shape and the side detail is very flattering skimming the contours of your body. It's not too short or too low for the office, but is not at all restrictive.

Dress on sale from Reiss here
I love Summer and the hot weather so I always try to make the most of it while it lasts... even if it is just in short lunch hour stints while I am stuck in the office, or walking between meetings. :)

Friday, 3 July 2015

Review: St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan and Gradual Tan Plus Firming 4 in 1

Over the last month I have been slathering myself with lots of different tans in the hope of achieving the perfect glow that I could recommend to you all. Today, with the sun shining in London, I wanted to write about two gradual tan offerings from St Tropez that I have really enjoyed!

First up is the St Tropez Everyday Gradual Tan. I used the light/medium version all over my body to give me a bit of colour. The cream feels very luxurious on application as it is rich and applies easily and smoothly. It doesn't have a strong scent, but there is a tiny bit of the 'fake tan' smell as the tan develops, though it is very subtle. This lotion is super moisturising and I loved applying it all over my body after my shower before bed, just like any other moisturiser. In the morning my skin had a nice tan and felt very soft and smooth. It developed a good colour after applying it two days in a row and afterwards every other day to keep the tan in place. This gradual tanner is so easy and pretty much fool proof as I applied it very quickly without much effort and it still gave me a really even tan!
The St Tropez Gradual Tan Plus Firming 4 in 1 Lotion is designed to tan, tone, firm and moisturise your body. It provides a very similar level of tan to the gradual tan above, but the cream has a much lighter texture. A little definitely goes a long way with this lotion so I have been using it in the morning to add a bit more colour to my limbs. The lotion also has a really pleasant scent that masks any fake tan smell so it's perfect for use any time!
I would highly recommend both of these formulations as they feel luxurious while hydrating the skin and achieve an effortless, gradual glow that requires very little maintenance!
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