Friday, 28 September 2012

Footner Exfoliating Socks

Feet. Now there's a topic I did not think I would be discussing on this blog! Due to the fact that I inherited my mother's incredibly high arches I tend to suffer from unsightly dry skin on the balls and heels of my feet. Coupled with the fact that my feet are very ticklish I find pedicures  often a really uncomfortable experience. Therefore, I was really excited to try out a new product that promised to give me baby soft feet at home with no scrubbing, buffing, cutting or sanding!
The Footner Exfoliating Socks need to be worn for one hour to let the solution on the inside of the socks penetrate the skin onyour feet. After 60 minutes your feet should be rinsed with warm water and that's it! All you have to do is wait patiently for all the dry skin to peel off your feet in the next 5-10 days. And peel it does!!
About 6 days after application the skin on the bottom of my feet and around my toes started peeling in large sections. As I am always honest with you I will not hide the fact that it was a really unpleasant sight. You are not meant to peel the skin itself, but wait for it to drop off to ensure the whole process takes its natural course and your skin is not damaged. Although there was no pain or discomfort I am really impatient and was very tempted to start picking at the skin, especially as I was away on a work trip and felt quite self conscious that my feet were peeling off. Fortunately for you I don't have any photos to show you, but I am sure you can imagine...

It took 5 days for the peeling process to finish and I was really impressed with the results. My feet were left smooth and soft and I would say that about 90% of the hard skin had disappeared. In my opinion it was worth the wait, especially as the whole process was completely painless. Though I would say that if you share a bed with your loved one make sure to wear socks at night not only to protect their eyes from your flaky feet, but to ensure that they do not wake up in the remnants!

Footner Exfoliating Socks can be found here for £19.99 and at half the price of a regular pedicure I will definitely be purchasing them ahead of any special occasions.

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Naked and Neutral

A fun and wearable smokey eye paired with peachy lips and cheeks that's super easy to create with minimal products!

Products mentioned in this video:
Dr Jart Regenerating BB*
Origins A Perfect World BB*
MAC MSF Natural in Medium
Earthnicity Minerals Coral blusher
Sleek Brow Kit
Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Colour BR306*
Urban Decay NAKED palette - Smog, Half Baked, Virgin, Sin.
Clarins 3 Dot Liner*
Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara*
The Body Shop Colouglide Shine Lip Colour 01 cheeky coral*
Jo Malone Rosewater and Vanilla perfume

Products marked with * were sent to me for review consideration.

Thanks so much for watching and I hope you enjoyed the video! xxx

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Mama Mio Bootcamp for Arms Challenge: Part 2

Over a month ago I wrote about the Mama Mio Bootcamp for Arms Challenge and promised to share my experience of this combined skincare and workout routine with you. Although I tried my best I have to confess that I did much better on the skincare than the work out part, though I doubt that will be a surprise for anyone!
I have really enjoyed using the Body Buff exfoliator and the Skin Tight tightening serum and have  seen a visible improvement in the texture and tone of my skin. My arms feel so much smoother and definitely look better so I am thrilled.

I haven't quite achieved Jennifer Aniston guns yet, but I can see that my arms have gained more definition, which I am really happy with and look forward to carrying on with this regime. The bf always used to tease me about my lack of biceps, but now there actually seems to be a little something there when I flex. Not bad at all for just 4 minutes (most) days!
So what do you guys think? Perhaps the team GB kit is a bit much. Is it too early to apply for Rio 2016? ;p

If you are looking to tone up and get those bingo wings in shape you can check out the Mama Mio Bootcamp for Arms kit here.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Clarins 3 Dot Liner

I have recently discovered the Clarins 3 Dot Liner and couldn't wait to share this innovative product with you all. By far the most tricky technique to master is liquid liner, it took me years of practice to perfect the perfect flick, and some mornings I can assure you it looks far from perfect! The Clarins 3 Dot Liner is amazing for those that are just starting to experiment with liquid liner, those that want the intensity of a liquid, but with a natural subtlety or those that are looking to experiment.
There are so many different ways to use this liner, depending on the look that you want. It can be dotted along the upper lash line to fill in the gaps between lashes for some subtle definition and lash volume enhancement. For a more sculpted finish the dots can be joined to create a solid line and the characteristic liquid liner look.
Alternatively I love to use it on my lower lash line to create a really subtle line of dots that really help to define and open the eye without looking too harsh.
 Liner used to create a solid line on top and dotted along the lower lashline.

The Clarins 3 Dot Liner can be found for £20 here.

Have you ever experimented with a triple pointed liner? What do you think of the idea? How would you use this liner? xxx

Sunday, 16 September 2012

LDN: Skins Gradual Tan

This autumn it's all about the porcelain/ pin up tan and I couldn't be happier. With the distinct lack of English sun this summer I am feeling more than my fair share of pale so I am excited to see that the new tan for this season is a lighter shade of bronzed, which is perfectly achievable, even for us mortals.
The LDN: Skins Gradual Tan lotion in Tone 1 (light) is perfect for those of us just looking for a hint of colour to warm up the complexion. One application gives you a really subtle glow, which can be built upon with subsequent layers to gradually develop a deeper tan should you wish to.
The lotion itself has a light guide colour to help application and it sinks into the skin quickly and easily. The light consistency is easy to blend into the skin leaving behind a fresh scent without the traces of the notorious 'fake tan' smell due to its odourless DHA. The process is further simplified as each lotion comes with a handy velvet touch mitt, which is one of the best I have ever tried. It glides across the skin effortlessly and ensures that you tan is even and streak free. For more tips you can check out the video below, filmed backstage at PPQ!

The LDN: Skins Gradual Tanning Lotion is available here from £11.95.

Have you ever tried any products from the LDN: Skins range? Do you have any favourites? What is your current self tan of choice? xxx

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Clogau Kensington Locket

After a recent, albeit very brief, trip to Austria to visit family I thought I would share my little duty free purchase with you all as it's something quite unique! I had never heard of Clogau gold before opening my BA inflight magazine, but as soon as I read their feature I was immediately intrigued. Clogau produces fine jewellery with a touch of rare Welsh gold, which is extremely precious, having been used by royalty since 1911. Their pieces are a beautiful blend of modern and traditional and are all designed to embrace their Welsh heritage.
The piece that caught my eye was their Kensington Locket which is beautifully adorned with an intricate filigree design inspired by the 19th century gates of Kensington Palace. As I live not too far from Kensington gardens I have many happy memories of picnics and walks nearby, which makes this pendant extra special.

The expertly handcrafted Kensington heart locket can be opened up to reveal a key hidden inside, which makes it unique.
I love the mix of silver and rose gold in this astoundingly intricate design and think it is just stunning!
Have you ever heard of Clogau before? I highly recommend you check them out as they have so many beautiful and individual pieces! xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Lipstick Love: Clarins Rouge Prodige Orchid Pink

My recent lipstick obsession is a little gem from the Clarins Rouge Prodige True-Hold Colour & Shine range in Orchid pink (£17.50).
As ever the Clarins packaging makes a beautiful addition to any handbag, clutch or dressing table. The gold casing feels opulent and is handy when you are short of a mirror. The narrow shape of the bullet also makes this lipstick very easy to apply.
At different times I look for different things in a lipstick, but this one seems to have it all. It has a brilliant concentration of colour and shine, is super smooth and comfortable to wear and lasts well without dehydrating the lips. I have never tried a lipstick that feels so creamy and smooth , yet lasts so well. Oh and it also smells delicious. I think I am in lipstick love!
Have you tried any Clarins lipsticks? I am really excited to have found such a fantastic formula and can't wait to try a few of the other colours in this range. 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Angel Contacts GEO Nudy Blue

When I was younger I dreamed of having blue eyes and black hair and had I known it was as easy as  popping in a pair of coloured contacts I think I would have spent much less time dreaming about what could have been. Having played around with a few coloured lenses in the past I was excited to be offered the opportunity to review GEO circle lenses from Angel Contacts.
The circle lenses are special as they have an extra wide diameter of 14mm to noticeably enlarge the look of your iris, thereby making your eyes appear larger. Having seen how popular these are in the Asian market I was excited to see how they would look!
 These are the GEO nudy lenses ($25) in blue, which are described as the most natural circle lenses.
As you can see they are definitely larger than my natural iris and do draw attention to the eyes. They have quite a large opening for your pupil, which means that your natural colour will be visible in strong lights when your pupils are smaller. I normally have problems with lenses irritating my eyes and making them dry, but I have to say that these were super comfortable and I wore them for 12 hours with no problems. They were very easy to insert and remove and held their shape well for future use.
The photo above is a little bit scary, but I just wanted to show you how large the coloured portion is. As my eyes are quite small I did find that the whole iris was rarely visible, but I guess it really depends on your individual eye shape.
So what do you guys think? Do the circle lenses make your eyes appear larger and more striking? Let me know if you have ever tried these lenses and if you are tempted to check them out! xxx

Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Belvia Bra

If I'm perfectly honest when it comes to bras I can be a little shallow and for me it's all about looks. This doesn't mean that it has to be particularly striking, but it does have to look good under clothes and provide support and lift that looks natural. So when I was asked to review the Belvia bra I was a little apprehensive. It essentially looks like a crop top or a sports bra and not something I would usually wear, but after looking at lots of positive reviews and reading that it promised to give great shape and comfort I thought I would give it a try.
The Belvia bra comes in a range of sizes from S to XL depending on your chest size (not cup size). I therefore chose a small even though I am a 32DD. The material is elastic enough to conform to your curves and give a snug fit. Ultimately this bra is exceptionally comfortable, so much so that I forgot I was wearing it. I love the fact that there are no straps or underwires to dig into any wobbly bits so it looks smooth and flattering. The material is stretchy, but firm enough to provide some support. As long as you are not wearing anything low cut or with thin straps it also looks great and almost undetectable under clothes as it lies flat to your back and is seamless.

For those who need a lot of support or are looking to get an extra boost this bra would probably not be ideal. However, if you are happy with your natural shape and are looking for a super comfortable t-shirt bra for everyday wear the Belvia bra is absolutely ideal.

The bra comes in three colours (black, white or nude) and is currently available here at £38.97 for 4 bras!

Have you ever tried the Belvia bra?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Review: PMD Personal Microderm

After reading so many rave reviews of microdermabrasion that promised to help skin texture and radiance as well as diminishing the look of fine lines, enlarged pores, acne scars and hyperpigmentation I was very excited to try out the PMD Personal Microderm system. However, as my skin is so sensitive I was a little apprehensive of whether it would be suitable for me. After using the PMD for over a month I am really happy with the results and thought I would share it with you guys.
To get 25% OFF the price of the PMD here please use discount code: filthygorgeousmakeup.

*This is a sponsored video. The PMD was sent for me to use and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as always!*

Have you ever tried Microdermabrasion? What results have you seen? Would you ever use a personal microderm system at home? xxx

Friday, 7 September 2012

Somerset by Alice Temperley now in John Lewis

After a much anticipated wait, Somerset by Alice Temperley is now available at John Lewis. Designed exclusively for John Lewis and named after Alice Temperley's beloved home county, this is Temperley's first collaboration for the UK high street.

Drawing inspiration from established Temperley motifs, the 60 piece collection includes a full range of accessories and fashionable pieces. An array of influences are present in the collection from Victoriana and Bohemian accents to military and print elements. As a lover of Alice Temperley designs I am really excited to see that these are now available on the high street at an affordable price. There are lots of gorgeous pieces to choose from, but below I have put together a selection of my favourites.
Spot Mesh Shift Dress £160 here
Somerset by Alice Temperley Lace Long Dress £249 here
Event Leather Over the Knee Boots £220 here 
Military Detail Workwear Jacket £199 here
Frill Cuff Knitted Cardigan £79 here

Will you be picking up any of the new Alice Temperley designs from John Lewis?

Thursday, 6 September 2012

*Rodial BB Venom Giveaway*

Rodial's latest innovations are their BB Venom Skin Tint and Eye cream to make skin look effortlessly radiant and youthful. 

The Rodial Venom Skin Tint combines the ultimate makeup and skincare technology to smooth, hydrate and plump the skin while giving a medium coverage to ensure skin looks even and flawless. Not only is it designed to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles with its powerful Syn-Ake neuropeptide complex, but it also protects from potential sun damage with SPF 15 and plumps tired skin with Hyaluronic acid and hydromanil.
Rodial BB Venom Eye is the perfect compliment to the Skin Tint as it helps to conceal imperfections in the under eye area. This concealer reduces puffiness as you apply, as well as being packed with light reflecting particles to help diminish dark circles it also targets and reduces the severity of crows feet and fine lines. To see the products in action you can check out the video below.

The Rodial BB Venom Skin Tint and Eye are popular with the celebs too, and were even used on Emma and Mel C during the Olympics Closing Ceremony to give them a youthful, natural glow. 

The Skin Tint retails at £35 and the Eye cream at £29 exclusively at Harrods

If you are interested in trying out this amazing duo then you are in luck as two of my readers will win a set of Rodial's BB Venom Skin Tint and Eye! All you have to do to enter is be a follower of this blog and leave a comment below with your e-mail address. The competition will be open for 2 weeks. 

Good luck my lovelies! xxx

Saturday, 1 September 2012

ghd air boutique

The fabulous team behind the renowned ghd brand have just revealed that they will be launching the ghd air Boutique; the world's first socially powered beauty experience featuring hair makeovers, model castings and a travelling air stream trailer kitted out with everything ghd.

The boutique will be opening its doors for the very first time on the 6th of September as part of Vogue Fashion's Night Out and will then hit the road visiting locations around the UK as directed by the public.

The exciting part is that we can interact with ghd and vote for the location of the next air boutique! To make sure your city is the next on the list please visit their Facebook page here.

*This is a sponsored post*

Liz Earle Makeup

As you all know I am big fan of Liz Earle skincare, having used the Hot Cloth Cleanser almost every day for years and swearing by their Deep Cleansing Mask to heal blemishes overnight. Over the past few months I have also tried out various products from their new makeup line and have had slightly mixed feelings. This is not to say that the products have been disappointing, but they do give a very natural, effortless look which is great when you want to look naturally flawless, though I prefer a little more 'oomph' on a night out. Personally I reserve these products for more casual days when I want to give my skin a break and ensure it stays looking young, natural and healthy.

The Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint (£21) is a weightless tinted moisturiser that goes on smoothly and makes skin look fresh and radiant. When blended this is almost undetectable with low to medium coverage. It also provides SPF 15 to protect the skin while softening it with Vitamin E, borage and avocado extract.
Healthy Glow Powder Blush (£16.50) in Peony is a super pigmented, dusky raspberry pink. It feels extremely smooth and gives the cheeks a flushed, yet matte look without any shimmer or glitter.

Natural Glow Bronzer (£19.50) is a super lightweight and fine bronzer perfect for the lightest skintones to give the most subtle colour to cheeks. This is definitely not a bronzer that you can go overboard with as it is very light, even on my pale skin. It has no shimmer or sparkle, but adds a subtle glow to fair skins. I imagine it could also be used as a setting powder on darker skin tones.

Bronzer (left), Blush (right).

Have you tried any of the Liz Earle line of makeup? Do you have any product recommendations? xxx
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