Thursday, 26 February 2009


Just trying to brighten up this miserable weather with some orange eyeshadow from pure luxe :).
Products used:
Tangerine pigment from pure luxe minerals
Wedge e/s MAC
Springtime Skipper and Humid on lower lashline MAC.

Foundation and Primer Ramble


Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Shopping :)

I promised myself to be good this weekend and not buy any more makeup. I failed, but not too badly :).
I got the YSL Rouge Volupte no.7- lingerie pink, thank you Lorraine. It is such a pretty pale pink and the formulation of the lipstick is incredible. It is love :).
I also got the palest lavender (129) lipstick from Barry M, I love lavender lipstick and I think this colour is more wearable than lavender whip. What do you guys think?
I also bought an eyeliner from GOSH in green boost. I love the formulation of these as they are super creamy and soft, much like the Urban Decay 24/7 liners. I thought that this pale green was so unusual, and I love it on the lower lashline :).
The website describes these as follows:
GOSH VELVET TOUCH EYELINER belongs to a new generation of semi-permanent make-up. It does not smudge. It is 100% waterproof, long lasting, and resists almost anything. It has excellent coverage and a smooth, soft quality. GOSH Velvet Touch Eye Liner is soft and easy to apply. It contains vitamin-E and Jojoba Oil to care for your delicate skin, however it does not contain animal or mineral oils. It is also fragrance-free to prevent allergic reactions.
Sounds good!!
My darling boyfriend also got me an early present for the 8th March, which is a sort of 'Women's Day' in Russia. Any excuse for presents huh? He got me this cute gold necklace from Disney Couture that I saw on Lindsay Lohan. It says 'Fairest of them all' and has a red apple. Who doesn't love Snow White and Disney in general?

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Peacock inspired tutorial.

These are some photos of a requested peacock inspired look. Hope you enjoy them :)

Friday, 20 February 2009

BBR Contest :).

I have been following Hele's and Holly's blogs since I first started my account so I am very excited that they are having a contest with some amazing prizes :).

I chose to do the brunette look because I love Katie Perry and think she looks fantastic here.
This is my look, I tried to do the fringe too.. heheI used:

Face- MUFE HD foundation 115 and powder
MUFE lift concealer
Chanel Bronzer 22 Sierra (to contour and tan my pale self up a little more to her level)
Mix of MAC Melba and another peach blush
MAC MSF Soft and Gentle to highlight

Brow wax in wheat and espresso eyeshadow (to darken my brows like hers)

Eyes: (I couldn't really see what she was wearing on her lid in the pic so I improvised)
MAC- twinx all over lid
dark devotion along lashline
all that glitters in the crease
shroom to highlight
jardin aires pigment w/ mixing medium along lower lashline
Blacktrack fluidline- upper lashline
Feline khol power along waterline
L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
Red Cherry lashes, for her full eyelash look :)

Mix of MAC Hue and Vegas Volt lipstick to get the coral/ peach colour.Hope you guys like it and thank you for the great contest :)!

Love Natalya

Collaboration with gossmakeupartist

Wayne and I thought it would be fun to do a bright springtime look inspired by flowers. I chose this one for its vibrant, unusual, contrasting colours:

I came up with a really funky cut crease look:

Also please check out gossmakeupartist and his interpretation :).

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

What I am using right now Tag.

I was tagged by Jesse (Vanity Makeup) and Gail (oogle makeup). Thank you girlies!!

Shampoo: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Lustrous Touch

Condtioner: John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Lustrous Touch

Styling products: CHI Keratin Mist, CHI Volume Booster, Label.m Resurrection style dust.

Hair Mask: Soap and Glory Hair Supply

Shower Gel: Juicy Couture

Body moisturizer: Palmer’s Shea Butter

Deodorant: Sure Crystal

Fake Tan: Don’t use it

Cleanser: Neutrogena Visibly clear 2 in 1 mask

Eye makeup remover: Johnson’s wipes

Exfoliator: St Ives

Primer: None today, but sometimes Smashbox/ That Gal Benefit

Foundation: MUFE HD in 115

Foundation brush: MAC’s 187

Concealer: MUFE lift concealer

Powder: MAC MSF Natural in Medium/ MUFE HD powder

Blusher: MAC’s well dressed

Bronzer: Chanel

Highlighter: MAC MSF Soft and Gentle

Eyeshadow base: UDPP

Eyeshadows: MAC’s satin taupe, wedge, carbon, vapour

Eyeliner: UD 24/7 zero

Eyelash curler: don’t use one

Eyelash base: none

Mascara: L’Oreal voluminous

Lipstick: MAC pervette

Lipgloss: MAC’s Cremesheen glass in Ever so Rich

Nail Colour: french
I am going to tag: Javy (Scarlet Empress), Lorraine (The Current Custom), Muhsine (Bubblegarm) and Tiffany (kiss and makeup!).

Hope you guys get time to do it!


26 shadow and blush pallette

I was very excited to find this palette on ebay for just £7.00 and only £6.59 for shipping from HK (seller- abestlife). I had seen many reviews of it and was eyeing it up on coastal scents for quite some time, however it was $21.95 on the coastal scents website and shipping prices from there to the UK are always ludicrous. So I ordered this palette along with the 10 blush palette and it came a few days ago. After swatching the shadows I was really looking forward to using them as there were some interesting colours and the payoff was pretty good. I even filmed a tutorial yesterday morning to post on my channel.

However, the shock came when I got home last night. I had been getting a strange headache all evening and my eyes felt sore and puffy. Not thinking anything of it I decided to just get to bed, but when I started taking my eye makeup off I noticed that the skin on my eyelids was red and patchy. I had obviously had an allergic reaction to these shadows and my eyelids were very sore and inflamed. Even this morning they were looking somewhat puffy and discoloured.

I wanted to make this post just to tell you guys to be careful! Of course I know the dangers of buying makeup on the Internet as you can never guarantee it will be of a good quality, especially when the price is so low. So, I guess getting a bargain is not always worth it. Do any of you have this palette and have you had any problems? Please let me know :).

Monday, 16 February 2009

Valentine's Day.

Hello my lovelies, I hope you all had a very romantic and fun Valentine's day :). Unfortunately my boyfriend was playing rugby (boooo) all day so I did not get up to much, but we did go out for dinner. I wore a golden brown, flirty look to match the gold flowers on my dress.We also went out Friday night :). My camera seems to think it is 2007.. hmmmm.


Thursday, 12 February 2009

Defined cobalt crease

A defined crease using Phloof all over the lid with cobalt and howzat in the crease. The new MAC 226 crease brush is a must for this one :). It makes everything so much easier as before I used to apply shadow with the 219 or a lip brush and blend with the 217, now it does it all in one sweep. Well done MAC for finally bringing out a brush for those of us who are not blessed with big Bambi eyes :)!!


I finally got my MAC Pro card! Yay!! Though it has not actually arrived yet as it apparently "flies from Canada" (I just have this image of the card with wings flying accross the ocean.. teehee), but I am on the system at last, so I went on a little spree :).

I purchased the new Studio Sculpt foundation in NW15, as I have read so many good reviews, and since my skin has been very dry recently with all this cold weather I thought I would give it a go! I also got some water based mixing medium for use with pigments, glitter and what not, as well as all that glitters eyeshadow. I really wanted the 214 brush, but they had sold out at the pro store :(. Does anyone know if they have it in other London stores?.

I then went to Boots and could not resist picking up the REVLON colourstay foundation too. Naughty really since I just got one at MAC, but this promised great coverage, which I certainly need at times (you know what I mean girls). I also purchased Benefit's That Gal brightening face primer as recommended by TiffanyD. I can't wait to test it out as I have not had great luck with primers thus far!

Beauty Marked.

This is the much requested look from my FAQ: Answers video.

Products used:

eyes- UD 24/7 liner in 1999
MAC e/s trax, sketch, beauty marked, vapour

lips- painterly paintpot with Rimmel's 102 foxy lipstickI hope you can see how using this method the red glitter really stands out :). Perfect for green eyes.
Hope you enjoy!


Hehehe.. Maxie was asleep in my laundry basket when I decided to see what he would look like if he had droopy ears. This photo makes me giggle!! Just thought I would share it with you and make you smile on this cold cold Wednesday!

Natalya xxx

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


My nails have been really horrible recently :(. No matter what I did they broke, peeled and were generally really weak. So, after weeks of trying to hide them under nail polish, which did not help as it chipped about an hour after application, I have finally given in and got gel extensions. I figured that since they were so awful anyway they can't possibly look any worse! I am so happy I don't have to hide my hands in shame anymore!! They are very short, no longer than my natural nails, but so much stronger.. YAY!!

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Cupcakes.. mmm

It's a shame the weather has been so horrible, but I decided to brighten it up, using my pure luxe minerals.With a neutral eye and lip a striking pop of colour can really enhance and brighten the look :).

I also decided to treat myself to some Hummingbird cupcakes. My favourite are the red velvet, and if you have not tried them and live in London then shame on you!! They are the best dessert in the world. There is no doubt about it!!This is their special edition handmade Valentine's cupcake. I am officially obsessed!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

L'ancome Pink Irreverence

I was requested to re-create this look from L'ancome's Spring 09 collection, using MAC products. You can find more details on L'ancome's website. Please click here for my tutorial. (Please excuse my brows, I didn't have time to do my face before the tut :)


I was going out for dinner so decided to try my new goodies :).

eyes- MAC e/s digit, cobalt, howzat,
cornflower pigment.
lips- Barry M 101, ever so rich on top.

For those of you commenting on why my fringe has disappeared in videos.. I have to pin it back so you guys can see what I am doing, but seeeeee, it is still there.. hehe :)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Finally the MAC BBR collection has launched in the UK! To be honest, I was not overwhelmed. The eyeshadows, lipsticks and lipglasses were not very special and nothing really screamed "buy me!!". However, I did get the 226 brush, which I have been looking forward to for far too long. Just perfect for the crease! Yay!! I also liked the MSFs, especially the redhead one, so I may pop back and get that at a later date.

The cremesheen collection has also launched today and I was very excited to see it as the colours looked very yummy! I got 'ever so rich', a beautiful milky pink with a hint of lavender. I have been wearing it today, but am not too sure how I like it. The pigmentation is pretty po
or and does not show up on me too well, also it did not seem to last very long. However, the formulation is very different to other MAC lipglosses. It is not at all sticky and feels very light and smooth on the lips. It reminds me a lot of Bourjois' Eau de Gloss Cosmic. So for those of you who hate sticky lipglosses, this is the gloss for you, though Bourjois is about half the price.
I also puchased two eyeshadows, Digit and Cobalt. I guess I was in a purple mood ;). What do you guys think of BBR?

much love,


Products used:

MUFE HD foundation,
MUFE HD powder,
Chanel sierra 22 bronzer,
Pure blush- shimmer pink

MAC- Phloof, trax, sketch, beauty marked

Gosh darling lipstick,
MAC dazzleglass in date night


Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Pixiwoo Contest

These are the pictures from my pixiwoo contest entry
. This is an amazing channel and I recommend that everyone check them out and subscribe!!

It has been so cold recently, but when they said it was going to snow I didn't quite believe it! I was proved very wrong on Sunday night! I was out for dinner for a friend's birthday and had the most horrendous time trying to get back home in the blizzard.. maybe it was something to do with the completely impractical booties I had chosen to wear ;)

Welcome to filthygorgeousmakeup, my new beauty blog!

Hi everyone and welcome to my new beauty blog. I have been thinking of setting this up for so long, but never seemed to get around to it. Finally it is here... Yay!! I am really looking forward to be able to show you photos of looks I do, as well as share new purchases and do more reviews. So please stay tuned for more!! :)

much love,
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