Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Good Hair

I'm not afraid to say it... When my hair looks good I feel great. 
Good hair just puts an extra spring in your step and makes you feel instantly more confident! However, I am the first to admit that I am super lazy when it comes to hair. I've never had a particularly high maintenance style, but my hair has always been long and with a mind of its own, so I have developed tricks over the years to keep it manageable, with very little effort.

After washing my hair at night I like to blow dry it upside down (for some volume) and sleep with it in a high, loose bun overnight.
I recommend using a clip rather than a hair tie as it doesn't create any unwelcome kinks. This prevents my hair from getting frizzy overnight, while retaining lots of volume and creating some shape. When I take it down in the morning it still looks full, but not quite as wild as it can be straight after drying.
Most days I tend to keep my style pretty natural and let the curls roam free. As my hair is long it is a little dry, so I try not to wash it too often in order for it to retain some natural moisture and prevent the colour fading too quickly.
Even though it doesn't get particularly greasy it can sometimes fall a little flat between washes. I'm all about the big hair, so my secret weapon in the mornings between washes is always dry shampoo.
V05's new Refresh Me Quick and Plump Me Up dry shampoos smell absolutely amazing and leave the hair full of volume and bounce (RRP £3.49, available in major supermarkets and chemists from April)!

Once the roots are sorted I like to add a little gloss and tame the frizz. Depending on how long it has been between washes I will use either a refreshing, moisturising spray or a slightly heavier serum or oil. The sprays I am currently loving are Bed Head Spoil Me, which is great at banishing static and frizz (£11.25).
For lustrous impact I have really enjoyed using Scandalous Luminous Shine Finishing Spray (£3.49) to add some gloss and lustre to my hair.  It also has quite a strong, spicy scent that's great for refreshing your hair.
For third day hair that really needs taming, or if I have styled it and it's starting to look a little dry I run a serum through the ends to add shine and smoothness. I have recently been using the Tre Semme Split Remedy Sealing Serum (£5.50), which has a lovely light texture that doesn't weigh hair down and reduces the appearance of split ends. 
Alternatively I may use a tiny drop of oil such as pure argan oil or  Shu Uemura Art of Hair Essence Absolue (£39.50), which smells amazing and leaves hair super silky!
It seems like quite a bit of effort when I write it all down, but I tend to rely on one or two products instead of using heat and never spend longer than a few seconds on my hair in the mornings. I wish I could be a 'wash and go' kind of girl, but unfortunately not all of us are blessed with a natural, beautiful mane of hair ;).
Do you spend much time on your hair? What are your hair secrets and tips? What products do you rely on to keep your hair looking fabulous? xxx
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