Saturday, 3 July 2010

Work it Out

Hello my lovelies,

It's been a long week hasn't it? Or it sure feels like it... Recently I have been failing to get to bed on time and to prevent myself from pressing snooze 6 times in a row! Perhaps it's the heat, though I shan't complain as I love summer and hot weather and hope that it carries on indefinitely.

Having spent a lot of time in tropical climates, through travel/ extended holidays and living in a very hot part of the world for a number of years when I was younger, I feel prepared for hot weather. However, I have been struggling recently with my summer wardrobe of all things. Now, let me just begin by saying that i have a wardrobe of summer dresses. I can't help it, I love them! Brights, pastels, whites, neons, florals, floaty, sexy, drapey, maxie... I can't get enough! Whenever I go into any shop I walk straight over to dresses, everything else seems like a little bit of a chore.

However, none of these are really suitable for work. Since I work in a conservative office environment I can't really wear anything too bright, bold or short, but I refuse to compromise and be boring, which is why I feel I have to tread a very fine line. This seems to be problematic especially in summer, when there is just too much temptation (and trust me I have seen some very inappropriate things floating down the streets)!

Also, what throws me off about summer office dressing is the completely unintuitive temperature change. While the heat is sweltering on the tube and outside the air con inside is desperately over compensating and blasting you with arctic air. What I have come to realise is, no matter what I wear, or how hot it is during the day, our office will always be freezing. Therefore, I can afford to be a little more skimpy on my way to work, at lunch, or on my way to client meetings, but keep a cardigan or pashmina with me at all times for indoors. Luckily, my job involves a fair bit walking outside so I do get to see the sun now and then ;), though it seems silly really to carry a warm jacket/ cardigan with me wherever I go!

My usual style has come to be a fitted/ structured dress, mostly sleeveless, (which I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing in the office, but is perfect when outside) coupled with a cardigan. Not exactly exciting, but it beats suits hands down. At times like these I feel sorry for men as they have absolutely no choice in the matter :(, and despite a few strange, strange individuals I have seen I know linen on men will (should) never catch on.

Dress from H&M (years ago), cardigan from Juicy Couture, who surprisingly have some really nice work appropriate pieces such as blouses, skirts and I even some suits... I guess they are not all about velour trackies after all ;).

As for makeup and hair. Well I seem to be stuck in a routine. I have got the time down perfectly every morning so it's easy to stop being adventurous.

Makeup wise I keep it neutral:
Dior Forever Foundation spf 25 - an absolute God send in summer as it stays put through the heat,
NARS Laguna bronzer,
Any peach/ pink blush - recently loving MAC's ripe peach,
2 shadows - something light and shimmery on lid and matte creamy brown in crease eg. MAC wedge
Liquid liner - either Eyeko or Dulce Cosmetics as both are 'marker pen' style so super quick to use,
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume Mascara/ Chanel Exceptionel waterproof - black, volumising, stays put
Lip balm- Anatomicals stop cracking up, amazingly moisturising, non-sticky and looks like a vinyl clear gloss.
Hair is even more simple. I curl large sections using the Babyliss conical wand, then separate the curls, twist/ braid/ clip back the front portion and hairspray it to death to elude the humidity and Tada! 

Sorry for the jumbled post, I just love reading people's every day routines and get a sneak peak into the inner working of their hair/ makeup/ wardrobe.

Would you guys be interested in more outfit of the day posts that are work appropriate? If enough of you reply I shall maybe set my alarm 5 minutes earlier so I can have time to take photos... or just hit the snooze a few times less ;).

Enjoy the weekend my lovelies and happy gay pride weekend for those involved!! Is anyone going to see Perez at the 02 tomorrow? xxx
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