Friday, 23 July 2010

John Frieda Go Blonder- Winners

Thank you all for your brilliant hair tips! I am currently sitting here with Argan oil in my hair, so I guess my favourite Summer treat would be to put oil (argan/ olive/ coconut) in your hair over night. When you wash it out in the morning (make sure you shampoo twice) your hair will feel much more manageable. It has done wonders for my dry scraggly ends!

So without further rambling. The winners of the John Frieda Go Blonder Shampoo and Conditioner are:
Glitterish Allsorts  
With her style and care tip in one! "In Summer evenings I like to have lots of tousled curls tumbling down my back. However I worry that daytime sun dries hair out and am reluctant to add to that damage by adding heat via curling tongs. So during the day I suggest spritzing hair with a heat protectant spray, then twisting sections of hair and securing them via Bobby pins. The heat protector spray will add some defence from the sun and by the evening when the pins are taken out, you have a cascade of curls!"

Brilliant idea! I often do this myself - blow dry my hair till it's mostly dry and keep it in a bun or braid for most of the day (which also keeps the hair off your back and neck in the heat), then in the evening when you take it out you are left with gorgeous, natural waves.

Our second winner is:
With her eco-friendly hair advice. "My tip is wash your hair every other day to prevent stripping it of its natural oils, also too its saving water and thats good for the environment."

I try to stretch my hair and wash it every three days. The less you wash it, the better for your hair as its natural oils are the best conditioner, no need for expensive products, just a little patience and some dry shampoo for emergencies ;).

Congratulations to our lovely winners! Please e-mail me your details so I can get your prizes to you ASAP!

If you are keen to find out more about the John Frieda Go Blonder range, check out the video below:
Almost the weekend!! xxx


  1. Oh my goodness! I'm so happy! :) I'll email my details to you right now!

    Thanks so much Natalya! x

  2. I just noticed I'm a winner and haven't claimed my prize!!


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