Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Perez Hilton - One Night in London

I association with Gay Pride weekend last Saturday Perez hosted One Night in London at the O2. My friend won two tickets and invited me to come along. It was such a fun night! I just thought I would share a few photos with you guys. We somehow ended up being at the front and actually met Perez, who was absolutely lovely, though very skinny!
I am not one to complain, especially when we got free tickets, but the event was pretty poorly organised. A lot of the time was spent warming the crowd up with the DJ, who we liked, but still my back and feet were crying out in pain after 5 hours of standing and being pushed around, so we ended up sneaking off  a little early.. lol! With 6.30am starts every day I feel like my late night stamina has withered away :(.
Check out the deep V-Neck for max tattoo exposure ;). At first we just thought he had a hairy chest... lol!
The Hoosiers - Perhaps I'm not 'down with the kids', but I had very little idea of who they were. You can check out their song Choices (my fave) here. Ignore the silly video, they were fantastic live!

Diana Vickers was lovely and bubbly as ever! She seemed very excited and comfortable on stage, a world away from X-factor. She managed to dance, shimmy and jump all the way through, and still had enough energy to showcase her unique voice. Although her music isn't what I usually listen to I love her individual style and the fact that she is not trying to fit into a stereotype, like so many other pop artists. Oh and she constantly refers to herself as 'Vickers', you just can't help but love her for her 'kookiness'.

Rather picture heavy, so I shall stop here.. sort of ;).
Dress from Zara (last season), makeup as featured in my recent Bronze Goddess tutorial.
(Please ignore the dirty mirror, I was playing with Maxie before this was taken and between his paw marks and my fingers we ended making quite a mess!)


  1. omg thats Perez??he loooks so skinny and different but you looked gorgeous as always!xx

  2. wow you are so pretty!!!i love the video! ur Zara dress is soo cute!

    LOL at the tattoo on the chest...i thought it was hair too...i was going to toss my lunch! lol


  3. Wow, Perez is looking a little sickly. Very skinny! Hopefully he is in good health. Anyway...


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