Thursday, 22 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Douze

Yet again the BBC lied to me by telling me it would rain all day. I think they should do their regular forecast and then change it to the opposite when they publish it, and then maybe they would get it right for once! I may be giving myself away here, but I am one of those strange people that checks the forecast every evening and every morning.. but I have my reasons. Curly hair! Enough said ;).
Dress: ASOS (in the designer section, but very obscure make). Jacket: Zara. Belt: Reiss. Necklace: Juicy Couture (a little wish bone pendant with script wrapped around it).
Makeup wise, even though I usually stick to the same things as I grapple bleary eyed around my desk in the morning, I do try to switch a few products up every day. As I am losing my tan (sob sob) I have started mixing YSL teint resist (lightest shade) with my Dior Forever foundation. Not only does it give a sheerer coverage, but it sinks straight into the skin so I can slap it on messily with my fingers and minimal time is needed to blend. For blush I have been loving MAC's peachy keen and ELF mineral blush in pink. Liquid eyeliner can make a horrible mess if you aren't careful, so the eyeko eyeliner (read felt tip) is used pretty much every day. For lips I have been obsessed with the Beaute weightless lip cremes. The colours are so soft and beautiful and they look really natural on the lips - without the heaviness of a lipstick or the gloopiness of gloss ;).

What are your must have products on sleepy mornings? xxx
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