Thursday, 22 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Douze

Yet again the BBC lied to me by telling me it would rain all day. I think they should do their regular forecast and then change it to the opposite when they publish it, and then maybe they would get it right for once! I may be giving myself away here, but I am one of those strange people that checks the forecast every evening and every morning.. but I have my reasons. Curly hair! Enough said ;).
Dress: ASOS (in the designer section, but very obscure make). Jacket: Zara. Belt: Reiss. Necklace: Juicy Couture (a little wish bone pendant with script wrapped around it).
Makeup wise, even though I usually stick to the same things as I grapple bleary eyed around my desk in the morning, I do try to switch a few products up every day. As I am losing my tan (sob sob) I have started mixing YSL teint resist (lightest shade) with my Dior Forever foundation. Not only does it give a sheerer coverage, but it sinks straight into the skin so I can slap it on messily with my fingers and minimal time is needed to blend. For blush I have been loving MAC's peachy keen and ELF mineral blush in pink. Liquid eyeliner can make a horrible mess if you aren't careful, so the eyeko eyeliner (read felt tip) is used pretty much every day. For lips I have been obsessed with the Beaute weightless lip cremes. The colours are so soft and beautiful and they look really natural on the lips - without the heaviness of a lipstick or the gloopiness of gloss ;).

What are your must have products on sleepy mornings? xxx


  1. look gorgeous. Good for you to have the energy to pick up great outfits every day so early in the morning!

  2. I check the weather every evening and morning too and because they are always wrong I am always not dressed for the weather either! So glad someone else has that problem, haha. Today I had on a blazer and boots for work because it was supposed to be cloudy. It's beating sun in the 30s of course.

    Oh and Clinique rich eye cream or Garnier Fructis skin renew for the eyes are my musts!

  3. You always look gorgeous! This dress fits you perfectly. I love green and white together; I especially love the blazer you topped the outfit off with!

    The weather here is always all over the place. Layering is a must!

    Great post!

  4. Your outfit looks amazing! I love the dress :) xx

  5. I have no idea how you manage to look so glam before you leave the house, I put my foundation on at home then the rest in the car or at work otherwise it has melted off before I get to the office! Also I wish I could find nice dresses that don't show off too much boobage, all of mine from Mango and Zara come up too low and I have to wear a vest, and it's too hot to do that now so I am either far too hot and grumpy or seriously overexposed! x

  6. BBC weather is bookmaked. I check the detailed forecast for the next 24 hours and plan my outfit accordingly....right down to accessories and underwear. I am incapable of doing this in the morning. What takes me 10 minutes at night takes me an hour in the morning. Once the outfit has been selected I am locked in. That is why I am frequently inappropriately dressed for the actual weather. I cannot modify even if what is outside my window is glaringly not what I am dressing for...I always hope the weather will change into what it is supposed to be later!

  7. This outfit really suits you, although I prefer it without the jacket!!!



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