Thursday, 8 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Quatre

Waking up late, not planning what to wear the night before, I pulled out the first top I saw and went from there.

I love satin shirts, and though this one is a little tight in the bust nowadays I usually make it less va va voom with a cardigan or a loose fitting jacket. Today I opted for the M&S cardi I showed in my previous post.

Satin shirt from Mango. Pencil skirt from Austin Reed (it's actually black with thin lilac stripes, though I doubt you will be able to tell from this rubbish photo).
Necklace from Pave.
I have a pile of work appropriate heels in the office under my desk (yes, everyone does take the mickey!) as well as a full draw. Some people have files, I have shoes ;). It does save a lot of time and effort though, as well as saving me having to carry them back and forth every day. There is no chance I am wearing heels on the tube/ to work/ on my way home. I always see women in their shiny stilettos struggling to get down the stairs in the morning and wonder why they are putting themselves through the pain! So this morning I slipped on this beautiful pair of flats from Kurt Geiger. Currently they have this style on sale for £59, in a few colours (though unfortunately not purple as these are from last season).

Almost the weekend, and judging but that horrible photo I need to book a pedi stat!
Are you guys enjoying these posts? Should I keep them up? Are we taking bets on how long I can keep going? ;) xxx
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