Saturday, 10 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Six

So Friday... London... 32oC... public transport... pavements melting... are you getting my drift? Thank Goodness it's the weekend! We unfortunately don't have casual Fridays at work, but I have my own little version going (shhh don't tell HR!!). I always wear something a little more bold, bright or short on Fridays... just because everyone is already in the holiday spirit and I feel that I can get away with it ;).
Dress: Zara. Black ballet pumps: Zara. Bracelet: Fossil.
The guys at work call this my 'nurse' dress lol. Quite appropriate really as I left work early today to visit a friend in hospital (she is fine btw). I'm sure if nurses dressed like this hospitals (or at least the men in hospitals) would be much happier.
Happy Weekend Sunshine everyone! xxx
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