Friday, 9 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Cinq

We all have lazy hair days. I have crazy hair days. The heat and humidity is making my hair static and even more frizzy than usual so today I just blow dried the top flat(ish) and scraped and twisted it back into a low bun. I find this really helps to calm my hair down and if I decide to take it down later the twists create lovely, natural curls sans flyaways.
Dress: Warehouse. Necklace: black/indigo pearls from Egyptian market.
I love the shape of this dress and the scalloping detail at the bust as it gives curvy girls like me some definition and support without over exposing 'the humps'. The back is also pretty as the same pleated effect is used in the slit of the skirt in the back. However, with that comes the annoying tendency of the skirt to ride up as you walk, creating a lovely looking kangaroo pouch (pictured above) for my tummy. Now, where did I put that little Roo?

You can see the scalloping better here. Makeup wise, pretty boring really - MAC Vanilla on the lid and Wedge in the crease, NARS Laguna bronzer, MAC hipness blush and Anatomicals stop cracking up lip balm (which probably deserves it's own post as it is perfect - clear, glossy, non-sticky, moisturising and long-lasting oh and super cheap!).

Have you got any frizz fighting secrets? The frizz-ease is just not cutting it for me in this heat. I need your help girlies! xxx
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