Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Work it Out: Installment Huit (Yay for rain!)

Since it was raining all day, and I didn't want to wear a jacket or trench, I decided to dive back into my winter wardrobe.
 Dress: Zara. Strappy top underneath to hide the inappropriate decolletage: Zara. (Can you tell I love Zara yet?) Silver necklace: Lisa Taves (from Lorraine Stanick's blog).

This dress is pretty warm as it is part wool, but as it has short sleeves it's still versatile. I definitely look out for cap sleeved work dresses as they are flattering on the 'bingo wings' and I feel they look much more professional (sleeveless can leave a little too much on show, some people really underestimate the power of bare shoulders) ;).

On a side note I have to confess that I am so grateful for the rain! My hay fever has abated and I can actually breathe for the first time in months :). I am sure all you poor allergy prone lovelies know what I am talking about. Summer is beautiful, but from March to October I wake up with what feels like a horrible cold every morning - sore, itchy throat, watery eyes and a nose that won't stop running/ sneezing/ hurting no matter how many antihistamines I ply it with.

Are you all as relieved as I am to see some precipitation on the horizon? xxx
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