Tuesday, 29 June 2010

By Popular Request: Holiday Snaps

Last week the bf and I spent an amazing week in Egypt! It was a much needed break, and a great start to the summer. Since so many of you have asked I'm going to now shower you with numerous holiday photos!

We stayed at the Amwaj all inclusive hotel in Nambq Bay in Sharm el Sheikh, which I would recommend checking out if you are looking for a romantic getaway. There were lots of things to do during the day such as activities in the hotel (water polo, yoga, aqua aerobics.. you name it), as well as a spa (which I took full advantage of) and the opportunity to take lots of trips (we went snorkelling, scuba diving and camel riding in the dessert and for tea with the bedouin).
This is the view from one of the bars in the hotel, it was lovely at night with all the pools lit up!
The same view from the patio below (beach dress from ASOS).
Since our flight was very delayed, and we lost half a day, we arrived very late at night (or early in the morning). Though it was all worth it when we woke up to the beautiful view from our balcony with the hotel on one side and the sea on the other.
One of our day trips was riding camels (mine was called whisky) out into the desert where we had tea with the bedouin. Even at 5pm it was a scorching 40oC, so my SPF 50 Ambre Solaire definitely came in handy!
You know I love my jumping shots. I think one day I will make an album of these so I can remember all the places I have been. It's kind of strange, I know, but it might catch on... you heard it here first ;).
One evening we went to see a Fakir/ Faqir show with cocktails on the beach. I still have no idea what the secret is to eating fire and walking on broken glass.. though I am not sure if I am in a hurry to find out!
Dresses from Ted Baker and ASOS.
 Unfortunately for fear of my camera meeting a premature (death by 1 sand grain as the last one) demise we only took pictures on the beach on the last day, so I can't share with you the parade of (ahem.. 9) bikinis I brought with me on holiday. I can however, show you the beautiful coral reefs and exotic fish.

I love this shot of my big water baby. You can see just how beautifully clear the sea is!

One more for the road... If you have made it this far! I hope you guys enjoyed that marathon of photos. I highly recommend Egypt if you are looking for somewhere sizzling to pump up your tan, go scuba diving or just chill out on the beach. I only wish we could have stayed for longer!

Hope you are all having a good week my lovelies! See you all soon xxx


  1. Such cute pics! Love all of your outfits! Looks like you had a marvelous time!

  2. love your swimsuit! it's such a great color. where did you get it? :)

  3. Lovely photos, looks like you had a great time :) xxx

  4. That water is so clear...I want to be there now. I need a break!!! Loved the photos..I'm sure you disconnected from the world there. XXX


  5. You have the best taste in clothes! :)
    This has made me want to go on holiday right now haha.

  6. Lol, those jumping shots are so cute! Egypt looks beautiful, I wish I can be as lucky as you one day! :)


  7. Wow your holiday looks amasing. Egypt looks so beautiful :) xoxo <3 xxxx

  8. am so happy that u enjoyed ur stay there, I love Sharm el Sheikh it has everything the sea, desert and lovely nights.

  9. Amazing pictures. It looks beautiful there.

    Quick question(s): where are your sunnies and the clutch you're holding in the picture with the white dress from?


  10. Hi Natalya,
    I LOVE your videos! your soooo beautiful you dont need make-up however I've never seen someone apply it so well! your a true professional. Your holiday looks amazing, I hope you had a fun relaxing time..
    I'm a huge fan! can't wait for more videos, they are my treat to watch each night after a stressful day. thank you sooo much! xxxx

  11. so jealous! sounds like you had a fab time, glad you enjoyed yourself xx

  12. i have family in egypt! i'm glad you had a fantastic trip. you look gorgeous in your photos. love the dresses.

  13. wow your pictures are absolutely beautiful

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! LOVE the dresses you are wearing in the photos :)

  15. Fab photos - you make a gorgeous couple! Egypt looks tempting, wonder if I can get my husband to like the idea...

    ps. love the jumping shots, I think it will catch on :)

  16. Awesome snaps... I like your snaps very much. First snap of hotel is very nice. Beach is looking so good.

    Egypt holidays

  17. You should visit Greece sometime.....

  18. ohhh lovely photos.. they make us want to be there! the place is so beautiful, really.. jealous right now hehehe

    (for reviews, tips & tricks, tutorials and a lot more.)

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