Saturday, 31 July 2010

Music to my ears

My beautiful friend Amina has recently embarked on her solo singing career. 
Even though we grew up together, her passion for music still astounds me every day. I have always encouraged her to follow her dream and am so happy to be able to be a small part of her journey.
I really hope you guys can join me in supporting her by checking out her myspace page here, where you can listen to her stunning, soulful voice. My favourite song is "I miss U".
If you are interested in reading more, you can also check out her latest interview for Fashion Records here.
All the photos used in the article, as well as on her myspace were created by myself (makeup, hair, styling, photography, editing etc.) so I would really appreciate your feedback!
 Thank you all so much my lovelies, I know this isn't really the type of post I normally write, but I know the industry is a very tough one, so we both really value your support!! xxx
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