Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Hold Me (Baby)

Back in 2011 I introduced you to my absolute favourite makeup organiser/ travel bag. If you missed my initial review you can check it out here. This year the Hold Me Company have launched a new 'baby bag', the smaller scale version of the original Hold Me Bag.

The Baby Bag is the perfect fit for the makeup minimalist featuring the same easy organisation and brush protection. With an impressive capacity for its size, it holds a basic brush collection, several palettes, and cosmetics and tools of various shapes and sizes. So it's great to tuck in your handbag for touch ups or pack for an overnight trip or that special night out!

The new Baby Bag is handmade in the USA and is priced at $55, compared to $85 for the larger version, though the design below is currently on sale on the website for just $69 (Beauty Stars) .

I can honestly say that I have been using my Hold Me Bag exclusively for each and every trip I have made in the last 2 years and am still super pleased with it! It protects all my cosmetics, while organising my brushes and keeping everything neat and hygienic.

How do you organise your cosmetics for travel? Have ever tried the Hold Me bags?
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