Sunday, 20 January 2013

Gillette Venus Naked Skin: 6 Week Update!

As I am now roughly half way through my trial of the Gillette Venus Naked Skin I thought it was about time to do a little update for you guys on how I have been getting on with it!

So far so good! I have seen a slight reduction in hair growth and am happy to report that my super sensitive skin has been fairing well with the treatment. I usually have a few red patches straight after using the system, but these are not painful and (much like waxing) disappear after a few hours. I am excited to see the final results and will report back at the 12 week mark!

For more info or to purchase the Gillette Venus Naked Skin system you can check out the Boots website here, where you can save £100 by entering the code VENUS at checkout!

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