Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Gillette Venus Naked Skin

Hair removal is a topic that has come up on this blog many times. So many people ask me questions about the latest methods and tools and how well they work, so I am always keen to try out different products. My latest escapade is the Gillette Venus Naked Skin designed by Braun. This is an at-home IPL hair removal system that uses a unique, professionally-derived Square Wave technology to emit controlled, consistent light energy to effectively treat unwanted hair. 
The benefits should become clear in six treatments (one treatment recommended every 2 weeks), but with continued periodic use Venus Naked Skin promises to help break the cycle of hair re-growth leaving you with continuously smooth, continuously beautiful skin.
The system comes with the specially formulated V Activating Gel that enables the light to transfer to the hair root helping to put it to sleep. The system is suitable fo use only on lighter skin tones and on areas including the face and below the neckline, such as your legs, underarm, bikini line, arms, back and stomach.
Having used a number of at home IPL systems I found this incredibly easy to use on my first attempt. There may be a slight stinging sensation during the flash, but this is momentary and is nowhere near as unpleasant as waxing. The system has to be plugged in while in use, but the cord is long enough so that this isn't an issue. The area of contact is larger than many comparable IPL systems, which is great as it means the whole process (especially when using it on the legs) doesn't take too long. Though the gel can be a little messy it does help to show which areas you have treated and ensure that you are getting the best levels of light penetration.

If you want to see how the Gilette Venus Naked Skin system works please do check out the video below. 

The Gillete Naked Skin can be purchased for £359.99 (saving £50) for a limited time using the code EB10 at checkout here.

I shall be updating you all with my progress soon so stay tuned to see the results! xxx


  1. I remember you tested the Tria laser - how does this one compare? Are you happy with the results of the Tria?

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  3. I want to try some at home IPL devices. But I'm kind of hoping they'll go down in price a bit first!

  4. I've been waiting on a personal recommendation for an at-home IPL system. Super pumped to hear your results over the next few months. Keep us posted :)


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