Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Work It Out: Instalment Vingt-Huit

Sometimes it's fun to add a little splash of colour. I call this my Charlotte (Sex and the City) dress ;).
 Berham Dress: Hobbs. Patent leather belt: M&S.

Despite being sleeveless this boiled wool dress is super warm and cosy. As many Hobbs dresses it is designed for the classic English pear shape - skimming over any lumps and bumps, while accentuating a slimmer waist. Luckily as the material has a good amount of stretch it works well on a bigger bust too, plus the fuller skirt creates some balance. It's currently in the sale in graphite, purple, red and storm as above.


  1. This is gorgeous, you always make me want to make more of an effort getting dressed up for work hehe

  2. Charlotte was my favourite SATC girl! Love this dressm it's so well fitted. Actually such well fitted dresses are flattering on ANY body shape.

  3. I saw this online but didn't like it. But on you, it's gorgeous. It has more color and bounce than on the website. I will definitely go to Hobbs and check it out.

    I usually shop at LKBennett but I have a problem with the bust area. I wear size 6 (8 is big for me) at LKBennett but some items are tight around the bust area and then in size 8, I look like a hanger!

    You're beautiful x

  4. Beautiful as always, you're so stylish :)
    I would love to see the shoes too ;) x

  5. I love your style, you always make me want to dress smarter for work! lol. Have you done something different with your hair? It looks lovely xx

  6. Oh my goodness I WANT IT! Don't suppose you want to buy one for me and ship it over?? :D:D xxx


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