Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Witch Anti-blemish Cosmetics

Recently I took part in the ultimate skincare challenge - a fun filled week of activities designed to test Witch's new anti-blemish cosmetic range. I am a long time fan of Witch products, having used their witch hazel oil control foaming face wash religiously throughout my teens, so I was excited to see what their new cosmetics had in store!

As someone who has oily skin will tell you - makeup and oils do not mix too well. I have always had oily/combination sensitive skin, and despite now peeking into my mid twenties (I'm 24.. gasp!) I still have the skin of a spotty teenager - unpredictable! Witch hazel is a fantastic ingredient that has always worked well for me as it is astringent (tightens the skin), hemostatic (reduces blood loss/ inflammation) and contains a range of antioxidants.

The cosmetic range aims to still deliver all the benefits of witch hazel skincare in makeup. I think this is a brilliant idea, especially as there is growing concern over the various ingredients used in cosmetics. If you put effort into your skincare routine, why not extend it into your beauty regime and make sure that all the products you use not only make your skin look good by covering imperfections, but also targeting the problems?

So to thoroughly test the new range we embarked on a week of challenges. On day one we met up for some drinks, nibbles and introductions to our fellow bloggers, the Witch team and of course the range.  We were also colour matched - no surprises there, tinted moisturiser in No.1 light for me! However, I was impressed to see that the translucent pressed powder worked well on all skin tones without casting a white veil.
On the second night the girlies had a shopping experience, to test how the makeup would stand up under bright lights and the pressure of Oxford street's Primark. As I was in Paris for work I wasn't able to witness the madness for myself ;).
On Wednesday night we embarked on the biggest challenge of all - a dance class at Pineapple studios! If our makeup could last an hour of (perfectly) synchronized Gilrs Aloud routines it wouldn't fail us on a night out.
I chose to wear the Skin Clearing Primer under my usual foundation and was happy to see that after more than a little perspiration it was holding up well as the curtain fell ;). Those wearing the tinted moisturiser were impressed how well it had lasted too.
On Thursday we had a jazz filled night at Ronnie Scott’s, in the heart of Soho. The lights were low, the music was loud, but we still managed to fill the room with our makeup chit-chatter.
Friday came all too quickly, and while I was attending my best friend's 25th the girlies were feasting on Byron burgers - I was more than a little jealous! Our pick of the top Witch products in this new line were the primer and the concealer (which is currently residing in my bag).

Of course it wouldn't be much of a challenge if my lovely readers were not able to take part and test the cosmetics for themselves, so in my next post I will be giving away 20 sets (!!!) of products from the new anti-blemish range!

To learn more about Witch's new cosmetic range you can visit their website here. Do have a look at the 'witch challenge' section to see more photos and information about our escapades!

Have you ever tried Witch products? What are your thoughts on anti-blemish makeup? xxx


  1. I have weird skin so I've used Witch Hazel in the past, fantastic that they're coming out with a cosmetic line :D

    All those activities look like so much fun!

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