Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Introducing... Batiste Tones

When I was told that my beloved Batiste Brunette was to be phased out I almost panicked. I have tried many a dry shampoo, but this has always been a favourite. Dry shampoo is a hair essential due to its versatility and speed in adding texture, volume and making third day hair presentable again. So let me introduce you to Batiste's latest offering... Tones.
The three tones - light, medium and dark are designed to blend with all hair colours. Initially I was unsure of which would be most suitable for my hair, so I was sent both the medium and dark to test out. Prepare yourself for probably the most hideous swatches to have ever been shown on a beauty blog ;).

As you can see dark is a deep, rich brown/ black, while medium is a warm toned brown. Medium works perfectly on my hair, but I think it would also suit red hair pretty well. As with all Batistes a little goes a long way, so the colour is not as visible as above, and I could easily use the dark too. The application with the tones is the real selling point as there is no white powder left behind that has to be disguised. Spray and go!

Have you tried the new Batiste tones? xxx

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