Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Browhaus Lashes in Bloom


As a girl who hasn't been blessed with naturally long, flirty lashes I have always been obsessed with them. False lashes, growth serums, old wives tales of Vaseline, I have tried my fair share! So when I was invited to try Browhaus' new Express Lash in Bloom I decided it was time for me to delve in to the world of eyelash extensions.

So on a Friday night I made my way to Floral Street in Covent Garden to get my lashes pumped up to their fullest. I was given a form to fill out with the usual checks and swiftly lead downstairs for my treatment. Lying back in the cosy chair my therapist Ellie explained the procedure in detail and answered all my questions showing great knowledge (and patience as I was curious about every step).

First she applied tape to my lower lashes to prevent them from sticking to my upper lashes. Although this did feel a little strange at first it wasn't all that uncomfortable and I soon got used to it. As I closed my eyes Ellie applied the dark glue to my lashes and began carefully adding in the clusters one by one. The whole procedure was very comfortable, there was absolutely no poking or pulling, and towards the end of the 40mins I let the soft music relax me and actually fell asleep!

As the glue dried Ellie gently fanned my lashes to speed up drying time. I then slowly started to open my eyes. Now, I have to warn you that my eyes are extremely sensitive. I have a million allergies and my eyes get irritated by the most benign of substances on a daily basis. As I opened my eyes the fumes from the glue did make them water (a lot!) and when I looked in the mirror I could see that they looked sore. The redness and irritation lasted for about half an hour, but as the glue used is an extra strong formulation that insures the lashes stay in tact for three to six weeks, this was to be expected. It was not painful at any point, just annoying as my eyes were watering. Seeing the results was definitely worth it though!
The pictures below were taken as soon as I got home. I am not wearing any eye makeup - no eyeliner, and definitely no mascara, so you can see just how amazing these lashes look!

I was given a booklet of instructions and after care tips to take with me and Ellie made me promise not to tug on my lashes as my natural ones would fall out with them (I would never, ever do that anyway lol)! I was also told that I should be very careful in cleaning them - avoiding any products that contain oils, which would start to dissolve the glue. I also had to be careful not to let them get too hot eg. in a hot shower or bath, and not to flatten them eg. by letting shower water beat down on them.

This all sounded fine until I tried to wash my face that night. I never realised before just how often I rub my eyes! As I normally use my cleanser all over I had to be very careful to keep it away from my eyes when washing my face. I also had to use an oil free makeup remover on a q-tip and sweep it very lightly across my lash line. Though the lashes are a great time saver in the morning, as I no longer have to apply mascara and can quite comfortably skip the eyeliner, at night my cleansing routine is a little more complicated and time consuming.

In the same way in the shower I try to keep my face as dry as possible. So when I (inevitably) get shampoo in my eyes it's very uncomfortable as I can't rub my eyes or rinse them under the shower. Of course this would be the same with any eyelash extensions. In fact I think the whole process has been quite (excuse the pun) 'eye opening' and I am now learning not to touch my eyes so much, and be more delicate when I do, which can only be a good thing!

This is what the lashes look like a week after application. As I write this review a week and a half later I am still sitting here with every cluster perfectly in tact.. yay! I shall update you all further on their longevity when I have them taken out (or need to have infills, I haven't decided yet).
As you can see with just a flick of eyeliner my eyes look complete. I have definitely started wearing less makeup on a day-to-day basis as the lashes look so beautiful on their own, I feel that my eyes don't need a lot of extra definition.

Browhaus are currently having a promotion where their Express Lash In Bloom is just £30 for first time customers! You can find more information about the treatment and how to book here.

Have you ever had lash extensions? What has been your experience? Are you curious about trying them? xxx


  1. Looks lovely, but sounds like a lot of maintenance... x

  2. They look pretty! But I am definitely curious about trying them out ever. Just seems really intense.

  3. They look really lush but I they do look high maintenance :s btw your make up look gorgeous simple yet chic :) x

  4. They look gorgeous. Certainly one to bear in mind for a treat or special occasion. Love em.

  5. Ahh they look really good and your make up looks flawless as usual. Thanks for informing us of this company. It's a great deal x

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  7. Lovely stuff... I know a lot of women will love this. As like as what I do. :)

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  10. Love the post on eyelashes! Im obssessed loll check out my blog and please subscribe :)! I am selling lashes ^.~


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