Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Eyeko Big Eyes Mascara

The search for the perfect mascara is a quest that every woman embarks on. I am yet to find the ideal, though some have come close!  Recently I have been testing out the Eyeko Big Eyes mascara RRP £8.50.
When this sample first arrived at my door I wasn't too sure what to expect. Firstly this mascara stands out as it is packaged in a squeezable tube, more like a lipbalm or toothpaste than a mascara. I think this is a great idea, many a morning have I spent pumping and wriggling dried up mascara in the hopes of
scraping some off the sides; with this you can just squeeze the tube so none is wasted. The brush is pretty thin, with loosely packed spiral bristles. This is great for precision and grabbing every lash, as well as the bottom lashes. However, as the formula of this mascara is rather 'wet' it doesn't separate the lashes well enough and they do tend to stick together and can look a bit clumpy. To overcome this problem I have been using it with a different wand (L'ancome Hypnose) and with a more dense brush it works perfectly. I think that given a few weeks the Eyeko brush could work well too as the mascara starts to thicken a little as it dries.

As you can see the formula is a fantastic deep black, and the mascara does lengthen and volumise, while retaining the natural curl to my lashes. The above was taken after 2 coats.

The Eyeko mascara lasts well throughout the day without flaking or smudging, though it can be a little difficult to remove as it disintegrates into pieces, rather than dissolving. As far as drugstore mascaras go I do think it's a good formulation if you are looking for a dramatic lash look, I just wish the brush was fuller so it would separate my lashes.  Have you tried Eyeko's Big Eyes Mascara? Let me know what you think! xx


  1. You have such amazing eyelashes! I never tried it, i am faithull to YSL faux cils.

  2. Your eyelashes are stunning... but right now, I am in love with your blouse! It is gorgeous! I was wondering were you had bought it!

  3. @Jane Alisa - I can barely see her blouse! your too much, focus on the mascara.


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