Thursday, 24 February 2011

Messy Up-Do

If you have curly hair you will understand my fear of the rain. I rarely wear my hair up, but yesterday I was too tired to style it and couldn't face the frizz in the pouring rain. I therefore decided to pin it out of the way in a messy up-do, inspired by missglamorazzi (her version of a side bun can be found here).

To create the bun I tied my hair into a side ponytail and looped it over so the hair was cinched in the middle with the hair tie. I then pinned random sections to the base of the ponytail to create a full, textured bun. If you have very straight hair you may want to curl it beforehand, but as my hair is naturally wavy it was easy to mould. I finished the bun off with a hair accessory to hide a few of the pins and add a little extra interest. This feather broach was a gift from my friend, and I think it makes just as good a hair accessory!
As my hair is layered I decided to leave the front section out, as it would invariably fall out anyway. I split this into two pieces, twisted them in opposite directions, then twisted them around each other. I then pinned the end around the bun to secure the twist.
This such a great little up-do for when you are in a rush as it takes just minutes! Since my hair is heavy, and I have a lot of it, I did use quite a few bobby pins to secure the bun, but it stayed perfectly in tact for the whole day. Let me know what you think my lovelies! xxx


  1. That's cute, I saw Ingrid's video too and had that same hairstyle at work all this week :D

  2. Very nice. I wish my updos looked this good.. I can't style hair at all! Maybe you'll inspire me to try and updo soon. :)
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  3. Thats really nice, I have straight hair and going out in the rain really makes me cringe! All that frizz! Its a good tip though to curl it beforehand, it will make it look as good as yours :)

  4. Looks really nice!!! I think it doesn't look messy at all :)

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  5. love the style and the colour of your hair!
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