Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Whip My Hair Back and Forth

Hairspray isn't the most exciting of topics, but it is the one product that unites us ladies. Whether you are a low maintenance girl (which I doubt as you are reading this lol) who is hiding a can of Elnett in the back of her bathroom cupboard for 'special occasions', or one of my friends who carries an industrial size Tre Semme in her handbag (you know who you are) we all need a little bit of hairspray every now and again.
Having tried a gazillion different hairsprays I have stumbled on one that fits my needs perfectly. It holds hair really well without being crunchy or sticky, doesn't smell awful and make me feel slightly faint if I over do it, is affordable (£1.99 for 175ml) and pink! I have noticed that it keeps frizz at bay efficiently when straightening and works hard to maintain my style throughout a long night. In fact after curling my hair for a night of 'whipping my hair back and forth' (I mean dancing, I don't know what you were thinking!) the curls were still pretty much in tact the next morning, which is more than could be said for the rest of me lol ;).

Phil Smith's Xtravagant hairspray promises to be long lasting, give a brilliant shine and a firm, but natural hold and it delivers. Now if only we could all find a man who will do the same!

Have you tried the Xtravagant hairspray or any other products from the Phil Smith range? xxx


  1. This sounds great I may have to try this, my hair never stays in when I curl it which can be really irritating!

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    thanks! xxx

  2. i am that tresemmé girl! i think its 600ml the can i have oh dear... x

  3. Fabulous find! Must try this one!


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