Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Permanent hair removal with the E-One: Chapter 2

A few months ago I posted some information and my first impressions of the E-One permanent at home IPL hair removal system. Now, two sessions later, I just wanted to share my experiences and my thoughts on this system with you all.

I am very lucky to have been given the opportunity of keeping the system at home for a few months and thoroughly testing it out on myself (and even on my flatmate's leg to see her thoughts). Though at present it is a little too early to tell if the results have been significant, or indeed permanent, on close inspection the hair on my legs has already started becoming patchy. There seem to be fewer hairs resurfacing altogether, though not dramatically so. This is more than I can say for the laser salon treatment I have been receiving on my underarms, as after 4 sessions I have thus far seen very little change. I much prefer having the freedom of using the E-One in my own living room, than having to schedule appointments at a salon, and though it is a little laborious, since us ladies can multi-task I usually sit down and catch up on a few YouTube videos or watch a (green tinted by the safety specs) movie while zapping ;).

The system itself is simple and intuitive to use, and though time consuming I have found the whole process pretty painless. As my skin is very sensitive I often experience a rash after shaving or waxing, which as some of you know can look much worse than the hair does! Of course I was apprehensive at first as the flashes are quite bright, but besides a quick burst of heat there was no pain or irritation afterwards, which I was very surprised by. Trust me, I am the biggest wimp when it comes to pain, and even on the highest setting I felt nothing more than intense heat, which faded in 2 seconds. Much less painful than waxing, or even epillating. Though when I zapped the bf's arm he wasn't quite as tolerant hehe ;).

If you are interested in finding out more on my views on IPL hair removal and my experience (so far), as well as a short demonstration of how I use the machine, please check out the video below. I was doubting whether to put this up, as I look horrendous. This was filmed during my lunch hour so I ran straight from work through the rain (just my luck!) to the E-One offices and am looking more than a little frazzled.. apologies, but I thought this could be helpful for you guys :).

If you're looking to try the E-One system before you buy you can now do so at the newly opened London showroom. You can click here to make an appointment or call 0203 036 0800. This video was filmed in their showroom at Sutherland House, 3 Lloyd's Avenue, London EC3N 3DS. With prices starting at £1,250, I would definitely recommend popping in and testing it out if you are able to do so. Having met a few of the team I have found them very helpful with any of my queries and concerns.

Have you tried IPL? Would you consider investing in an at-home system or would you prefer to go to a salon? Personally, I was dubious at how effective this system would be at first, but having tried (and paid good money) for a salon treatment that has so far failed to deliver, I am starting to see more of the benefits of a good at home system. Though it is expensive, if the results are indeed visible and permanent, I think it is worth it. I shall keep you updated with my progress. Hopefully after six sessions (at 6 weeks apart) I shall be hair free... fingers crossed!xxx
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