Monday, 18 October 2010

The Caped Crusader

I have loved the recent trend for capes this Autumn/ Winter and couldn't resist purchasing this little one when I spied it on the mannequin in New Look one lunchtime. Unlike some of the other capes out at the moment I think this one is very wearable and versatile. Most importantly it is not too big and heavy, with it's shorter 'sleeves' and the belt detail helping to retain some shape.
As I am far from a bendy gymnast I pretty much failed at taking a photo of the back, but you can just about see how the belt cinches you in so the cape doesn't just envelop you, and still defines the waist. For better pictures you can visit the New Look website here.

Although it's a bit impractical, both in the dressing (as you have to be careful not to pull the belt out as you awkwardly slip your arms in) and the insulation (your arms will get cold), I absolutely adore it. I sometimes like to pair it with long gloves that add warmth and look chic in contrast to the volume of the jacket.

Winter fashion can get boring when you are hiding away all your clothes under the same overcoat for months and a cape is a great way to add a little more interest. So I was happy with my purchase until I arrived at a meeting last week and began removing it, at which point the kind secretary asked me "May I take your cape for you?". How does one react to that question? I just smiled, while trying to hide it over my chair, but really I was thinking "Yes you may, and my horse and carriage are outside, and the poor steed is probably parched!" So perhaps capes are not as fashion forward as I thought, more 16th century lol?

What are your thoughts on "the cape", or as the bf calls it "the bat"? Will you be sporting one this Autumn? xxx
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