Friday, 8 October 2010

Viva Espana

This time last week I was on holiday in sunny Spain with my girlies. I was lucky enough to win free accommodation near Marbella (I know right? Nothing like that EVER happens to me! I have never even won bath bubbles in a charity raffle lol). It was so lovely to get away from the gloom and doom of rainy London and all the worries of work. Though I still had my trusty revision for my upcoming exams with me by the pool, I only managed to get through two chapters. Most of our time was spent eating.. umm.. drinking, enjoying Marbella, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba, as well as lazing on the beach.. oh and did I mention eating? ;)
As we rented a car we had a lot of freedom to explore, and one of the first places we were keen to visit was the Alhambra in Granada.

I studied Spanish at school and had visited the Alhambra before while on an exchange, but the gardens were so much more beautiful than I remembered!

Suffering through some sunburn after an 11am to 6.30pm stint on the beach and an 'eventful' pedallo ride we somehow still made it out on the town for a lovely meal of mussels, paella, sangria, cocktails and even salsa dancing!
 On our last day we visited the Mesquita in Cordoba.
I had such a lovely and relaxing time in Spain and really can't wait to go back. I absolutely love the culture, the food and the language and this trip has really inspired me to polish up my Spanish. This weekend I will definitely be ordering some Spanish movies to watch!
Of course no vacation post from me would be complete without an akward jumping shot lol!

Have a good weekend my lovelies! Besos xxx


  1. So chic, elegant and pretty, Natalya! Looks like a super fun time!

    Liesl :)

  2. You look beautiful as always! <3

  3. Gorgeous! I'm so jealous I lived in Granada and it is so beautiful ur pictures have made me want to go back!!

  4. Heya hun! new follower here! love our blog soo much, thankyou so much for taking the time to write it :) wow, your holiday looked lovely, I went there last year and just fell in love with the place, the mixed cultures, wonderful food and architecture "Sigh" would love to go back one day :)
    Lotsa luv, Aysha

  5. you look like you had a marvelous holiday! You must have been so excited to win - it's always a bonus!

    Love the photos :)

    xx Nancy


    Where are the dresses from? Esp the floral one as well as the long length one? I'd love to know!!

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