Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Work It Out: Instalment Vingt-Cinq

When my mum reads this post (hi mama!!) she is going to giggle! Even though I inherited my love of fashion from her we do not have the same style. I like to experiment, and keep an eye on what's fashionable while she has always been more conservative and classic. Her usual style includes tailored dresses, suits and fitted jackets with beautiful, towering stilettos. I'm Dior and she is definitely Chanel ;).

Case and point - the pussy bow blouse.

Blouse: Zara. Skirt and belt: M&S.

I fell in love with this blouse as soon as I saw it. Details such as the shoulder pleating and gold buttons on the cuffs and collar give individuality to a classic piece. This blouse is currently available in grey, blue and black (I 'secretly' want them all). 

The only thing I feel compelled to mention is that the quality of the fabric may not lend itself to a £40 price tag. While I was washing my hands I managed to get a few tiny drops of water on the sleeve and they left behind very noticeable water marks. Since the blouse itself is quite synthetic I could see that this could potentially cause problems... Though I did nervously hand wash it and it dried perfectly with no marks! 

Do you ever steel your mum's style? Am I living proof of the age old premise that every daughter turns into her mother? xxx


  1. I think we all turn into our mums a bit ;) Lov this blouse on you :) xx

  2. That blouse is gorgeous on you, looks really librarian if that makes sense! All you need are the glasses and you're good to go hehe It'd be great too if you were going out for drinks after work, take the hair down and there you go :)

  3. loveloveLOVE the blouse! it definitely makes the outfit for me :)

  4. Gorgeous look... not sumthin im sure I could pull off personally but I do really like it. Classic :) xx

  5. Love the blouse♥
    I don't necessarily steal my mom's style, but we've always had very similar taste!



  6. My mom and I don't really share the same style. She isn't that fashionable...lol. I don't know where it came from! Maybe my dad, he always knew how to put a good outfit together...haha
    Love the blouse- so cute! :)

  7. Mum and I definitely share the same style. Mum's always had good taste and I know that she and I would agree that you look stunning in that blouse. Adore the gold buttons and the colour. Swoon.

  8. That is a beautiful look, N! The blouse looks fabulous on you. :)


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