Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Work It Out: Installment Vingt-deux

Hopefully while you are reading this post I am on holiday in Sunny Spain (I say hopefully because we are flying with the dreaded Easy Jet.. eek!). So this is just a quick little outfit of the day post to tide you over before I am back in misty London town.

It has been really chilly recently, so I am starting to invest in warmer pieces. I saw this dress in a Mango advert on Scarlett Johanson, but was not too impressed with the way it looked on the rail at first. A few days later I dashed out of work and scampered to Regent Street to try it on to be surprised by how flattering the shape was.
Wool dress and belt: Mango.  Leather slingbacks: Burberry.

Any belt detailing is always a hit with me as I feel it creates a better shape for my figure. As much as I would love to wear lovely, floaty shift dresses, with a larger bust and wide hips, they tend to make me look somewhat frumpy, so I love detailing and cinching at the waist.

I have mentioned the sizing issues I have with Mango in a previous post, and once again this purchase was an example. I was surprised to see that all the S and M had sold out in stores, especially when looking at the teeny tiny mannequin and seeing that she (it?) was wearing a medium with no hidden pins in the back (and shockingly it was rather tight). So I opted to try the L, which hung very loose and didn't fit at all. Luckily, they managed to find a M in the stock room, which as you can see fits perfectly... but still I am left feeling quite confused as to what these sizes should be.

Have you spotted any beautiful pieces for Autumn recently? Am I alone in my confusion of the size chart in Mango? I seem to have the whole range in my wardrobe (XS-L)...

Hope you are all having a good week!! xxx
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