Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Work It Out: Installment Vingt-deux

Hopefully while you are reading this post I am on holiday in Sunny Spain (I say hopefully because we are flying with the dreaded Easy Jet.. eek!). So this is just a quick little outfit of the day post to tide you over before I am back in misty London town.

It has been really chilly recently, so I am starting to invest in warmer pieces. I saw this dress in a Mango advert on Scarlett Johanson, but was not too impressed with the way it looked on the rail at first. A few days later I dashed out of work and scampered to Regent Street to try it on to be surprised by how flattering the shape was.
Wool dress and belt: Mango.  Leather slingbacks: Burberry.

Any belt detailing is always a hit with me as I feel it creates a better shape for my figure. As much as I would love to wear lovely, floaty shift dresses, with a larger bust and wide hips, they tend to make me look somewhat frumpy, so I love detailing and cinching at the waist.

I have mentioned the sizing issues I have with Mango in a previous post, and once again this purchase was an example. I was surprised to see that all the S and M had sold out in stores, especially when looking at the teeny tiny mannequin and seeing that she (it?) was wearing a medium with no hidden pins in the back (and shockingly it was rather tight). So I opted to try the L, which hung very loose and didn't fit at all. Luckily, they managed to find a M in the stock room, which as you can see fits perfectly... but still I am left feeling quite confused as to what these sizes should be.

Have you spotted any beautiful pieces for Autumn recently? Am I alone in my confusion of the size chart in Mango? I seem to have the whole range in my wardrobe (XS-L)...

Hope you are all having a good week!! xxx


  1. darling dress. you look like you stepped straight out of Mad Men

  2. pretty! :)


  3. You look a million dollars in that dress!
    I only have a few things from Mango but I know what you mean about the sizes....strange.

  4. beautiful dress. i own a wool trench coat from mango and I absolutely love it. I think their sizes are definitely strange - you have to try the clothes on before you buy it because of the size differences.


  5. kute - love the dress on u ! <3

  6. Oooh nice dress ;-D Its great when u find out something is much more gorgeous on than when it's on the hanger. Wonder if it's available Down Under as that kind of thing would be perfect for work :-D

  7. I must have a weird shape because I can be anything from a small to a large or an 8 to a 12. It drives me crazy because depending on the shop I have to take three different sizes into the changing room with me. I never know which size will fit me!

  8. you have such flawless skin!!! Anyways Natalya, I absolutely adore the dress and your posts! I hope you have a stellar time in Spain (make sure to posts pictures!) One more thing... when will you be posting the winners of the dollybowbow competition on youtube?

  9. Tres chic. It looks really expensive and stylish!

    Join my CONTEST and win!!!!!!

  10. Wow you look lovely in that dress! Your blog is great.

    I am just starting out, please check out my blog and let me know what you think - realgirlsbeauty1.blogspot.com

    Zoe x

  11. that dress looks greattt on you!!

  12. Hi Natalya am a big fan of your YT channel and blog. It would be great if you would check my new blog out - www.roxanneoak.blogspot.com

    Lots of love Natalie


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