Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Winter Warmer Discount - 20%OFF all coats at New Look!!

It is always the way, isn't it? Whenever you purchase something full price and a week later you see it on sale (sometimes before you have even had a chance to wear it!) your heart sinks a little. As I wouldn't wish you to be a part of my woes I just wanted to let you know that currently New Look are having a sale on their winter coats with a generous 20% OFF (including the new ones). You can view all their styles here.

If you were at all interested in the cape I showed you in my last post (caped crusader) you will be very happy to know that this is now down to £31.99!
You can find it on the NL (same initials as me lol!) website here.

With the freezing temperatures we have recently had in England I think I may well go back and pick up something a little more practical.. it's just a shame they don't do snow suits ;). I believe this offer expires on Sunday the 24th of October, so hurry.

Love and thermal socks,

Natalya xxx

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  1. Well if you hadn't bought it a few days ago , may be you would never have the comment from the 16th century about your cape (see! worth every penny ...)

    Caro xxx
    PS : it happens to me all the time, I feel your pain ...;-)


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