Thursday, 29 April 2010

Beauty Essential for less than half price!

I'm sure you are all a little bored of me raving about Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, but I won't stop just yet. I first discovered it at the age of 12 when it was given to me in a London fashion week goodie bag and from that day I was hooked.

Countless tubes later and I am now sitting in bed having just put some on my lips and cuticles. I have never got used to the smell, let's not pretend that it's nice, but for the effects it is definitely worth it. I use it daily for any skin concerns- chapped lips, irritation, dry patches, rashes, burns, cuts.. you name it and this ointment will help!

Luckily, I have just found a website that is selling EA-8C (sounds a little like a food additive if I abbreviate it doesn't it?) for the fantabulous price of £9.95 (RRP £23) for the 50ml tube. Even with every day use this lasts me about 6 months!

You can find it on the (awful name, great website) here. They also have a great range of discounted perfumes and cosmetics! Happy shopping!

Oh and no I'm not sponsored by them, but yes I kind of wish I was ;) xxx


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