Saturday, 1 May 2010

Completely Self Gratuitous Show and Tell

While I was traveling in Thailand I bought a number of beautiful beads and stones (inspired by Muhsine) I was determined to start making my own exotic necklaces. I even went as far as ordering a jewelry making kit from e-bay complete with pliers and all manner of hooks I had no idea how to use. As with most of my good intentions, however, these all ended up in the back of a draw...

Coming home last night in a foul mood (weather, work, bf were all out to get me.. sniff sniff) I was looking forward to curling up on the sofa and enjoying a quiet evening of mindless TV. Hours later the boredom had kicked in and I decided it was time to do something a bit more creative!

 This is the first necklace I have ever made, and I just wish I had stopped being lazy earlier. It was fun to do, didn't take very long and I absolutely love it! I believe the blue beads are turquoise and the red ones are made of coral (this is what I was told at the time, but my Thai isn't exactly good and neither was the English of the lady who sold it to me). I am planning to make another one this weekend from rose quartz mixed with jade.

If you ever have the chance to buy some beads and make your own jewelry I would highly recommend it as you can make wonderful pieces at a fraction of the price!
 What do you guys think of my first effort? It means so much more when you design and make it yourself doesn't it? xxx
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