Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Freebie Alert!

We all love a freebie :). I know I am a sucker for a good one and have picked up many a magazine for a free tube of gloss or mascara! I was therefore very excited when this dropped into my inbox today!

InStyle have teamed up with Nails Inc. to create three exclusive summer shades for their readers, which they shall be including free with their June issue.
The colours include some of my favourites for this season and are absolutely stunning.

InStyle Beach is a bright red coral perfect for summer.

InStyle Mink is the notorious greige we have all been coveting, and as far as I can tell from the promo pics it looks like one that even my pale fingers can pull off without looking murky as it is quite pink based.

InStyle Candy (which to me implies pink no?) is a soft, but bright lilac, which is perfectly on trend, and the sort of lilac that I adore as it is fun, but still wearable.
Nail Inc. polishes retail at £10.50, so if you are still not convinced that you are getting a good deal they have also thrown in an offer giving readers 20% off all Nails Inc. online shopping purchases as well as 20% off manicures and pedicures. Would it be too greedy of me to buy all 3? ahem...

I would recommend getting to your local magazine stand early as the most popular shades sell out very quickly (from bitter experience of trawling through the racks at WHSmith).

For more information about the inspiration for the colours check out the InStyle website here.

Which is your favourite and what shades have inspired you this spring? xxx


  1. I couldn't see the pictures :(

  2. I wonder if they'll have these in canada. Probably not, we almost never get freebies with magazines :(

    Great post though! Thanks


  3. Same i couldn't see the picss hun :/ x

  4. Somehow I think I'm going to end up with three identical issues of InStyle now...

  5. lol, I think this is going to be another where I buy three issues of the same mag for nail polish ;) I like all three of them from the pictures, if I do in the flesh then I'll just buy all three :D It's definitely not greedy, it's clever and money saving ;)


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