Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter Bunnies

Hello my lovelies,

I'm sorry I am late with my wishes, but I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend!!

I have been so busy with my new job and getting my house sorted that I haven't had time to sit down and catch up with you all. So I must apologise for my lack of posting lately, I will try to be better :).

My weekend was mostly spent at home doing bits of painting and DIY after the builders had (finally- 2 days late) gone and inevitably cleaning saw dust from every nook and cranny. Though I am still finding it in my shoes.. hehe. I also managed to attend the Ideal Home Show in Earls Court, which was really fun and a good excuse to shop the amazing food stalls as well as bits for the house. I'm really getting into decorating and love picking up little pieces and finding the perfect place for them.

I hope you all had lots of good food :)...

As well as a chance to catch up on some snoozing ;)...

Happy Easter my lovelies :)

Love from Natalya and Maxie xxx


  1. Was the ideal home show good?? I remember going when I was about seven and thinking it was fantastic but haven't been at an age that would allow me to properly appreciate it!

  2. @Rosie- That's so funny because that is mostly the reason I went. I remember going with my mum when I was 10 and being so impressed by the fact that they build an entire house inside the arena! Yes, it is still good now.. but not as amazing as I had remembered. They have great stalls for food and good deals for things for the house (decorating, furniture and appliances). Though if you are not the kind of person who gets excited about 2 mops for £10 it may not be quite as good hehe ;). Unfortunately I do (my most thrifty purchase was a steamer for £30 for my work shirts... but that is a whole different story) xxx

  3. Hi Natalya. Happy Easter to you too! Maxie is so cute :)

  4. i looove your cat! happy easter :D x

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