Sunday, 25 April 2010

Mirror mirror on the wall...

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people from Les Tai Tai asking me if I wanted to test out their new model mirror. At first I wasn't too excited as I already have a lovely mirror for my handbag that the bf gave me for Christmas, and I don't use it too often (oh who am I kidding?), but as soon as I checked out their website I knew I had to have one.
They have a range of super cute designs from girlie to rock chick. I chose the vinyl princess as I wanted something simple.
The mirror itself is larger than I envisaged (10.8 x 8 x 1.1 cm), which is great as you can see your whole face. Though the size of the mirror does mean that it is quite heavy (over 100g), even though the casing is plastic.

This is one of the original editions priced at £18. Inside there are two mirrors, one with lights and one without. The newer designs at £22 have a magnifying side too.

The lights do not come on automatically as with some mirrors, but turn on when you press the small button in the hinge. This means that when you are using it during the day you do not waste the battery, which promises to last for 24 consecutive hours. The LED lights are bright enough to illuminate your face in a dark bar (tried and tested after a few cocktails), but not so bright that they irritate your eyes. I especially like the fact that the lights have a blue tint to them so they illuminate you in a natural way, as opposed to yellow (jaundice inducing) halogen lights  (ahem.. thank you office toilets for making me look ill every day).

Is this mirror a handbag essential? Probably not, but I love it as it's perfect for those days when I'm on the go and have to do my make-up on the train, or touch up in a back lit ladies (I'm sure you girls know what I mean when club bathrooms have spot lights in the ceiling that throw the most unflaterring sadows a la Queen bohemian rhapsody video.. scaramoosh scaramoosh).

I have had many interested and envious glances while using this mirror, and I think it will make a great gift for the girl who has everything :). My flatmate has already got her little paws all over mine ;).

These mirrors are available direct from the Les Tai Tai website here as well as from Selfridges (always a good sign for a brand) and Fortnum and Mason.


  1. I want the one with the skull on it

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  3. the mirror looks amazing!
    thanks for sharing ^^

  4. I've been tempted to pick one of these up since I saw Sam from Pixwoo talk about them but have so far resisted the urge. After reading this though, I definitely need to get one!

  5. Thanks for this review. I bought the Tahiti Tahiti mirror a while back. While I can't fault the mirrors or lights - they are excellent - I was disappointed with the quality of the plastic casing. It made it feel cheaper than the £22 I paid. I like the product and use it frequently, but I wouldn't buy another one. It's a shame because I had originally thought of buying a couple of extras for when I travel or for gifts.

  6. I've seen a few reviews on those and they look so cute! I think I'm going to have to get one!


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