Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Spring nails

Being a pale skinned creature I have always been drawn towards pastel nail polishes. They are extremely flattering on even the most cool skin tone, and always make me feel fresh and neat. Luckily, the nail trend for Spring (which is hopefully going to remain in the UK despite forecasts of snow next week) is pastels. I was therefore very excited to try the new range of polishes from Eyeko.

I was sent the two on the left (nude and purple) and the two on the right (lilac and vintage). Like a kid in a sweet shop I immediately had to try them all on as I just couldn't decide which colour I should commit all my nails to ;).

Overall, the formula on these is pretty good, though a little streaky on the first coat after the second coat the colour evens out beautifully. However, this was not the case with the nude polish, where after three coats my nail was still visible (though this is my least favourite colour anyway as it turned quite orange on me - no likey). The others were very opaque after two coats and lasted well on my chip prone nails (about 4 days). I also love the dinky little vintage bottles as it means I can use them up before the polish dries out and at just £3.50 I think they are well worth it.

Though I have honestly had just about enough mint green polish I decided to give the green a go for a couple of days over the weekend. I love the shade as it is true to the colour in the bottle, and is a little more blue based than some other mints I have tried, which is great as there is nothing worse in my book than mouldy looking nails! My friend also spotted it and fell in love. She has been wearing it all week and it has lasted really well (though she has ridiculously strong nails that I am forever jealous of so I would not count her as a real test subject.. hehe).

My personal favourite of the bunch has to be the lilac. Oh how I do love thee lilac. I have tried quite a few and I find this colour to be one of the most flattering, just bright enough to be noticed and not so blue that it makes my fingers look frost bitten (does anyone else get that?).
Isn't it puurrty? Love, love, love!
If you are thinking of picking up a new colour for Spring, I highly recommend this one :).

What's your favourite nail varnish colour at the moment/ for Spring.


  1. I got them too and my favorite is the Vintage one it's so pretty !

  2. oooh they look like purpley grape candy<3

  3. That looks very similar to OPI "Done out in deco." I have it on my toes right now.

  4. That is sooo pretty!!!

    Visit my blog too if you want :)

  5. I love lilac for nails, I agree this reminds me a lot of "Done out in deco" by OPI.

  6. the lilac polish looks really good. bargain at 3.50 as well! x

  7. I'm currently wearing Essie's Mint Candy Apple - can't decide if I love it or not. But my favourite at the moment has to be Lucky Lucky Lavender by OPI. :)

  8. Such a pretty colour. I have a nailpolish that is similar to this one


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