Friday, 23 April 2010

My hair is saved!!

I have to confess that maybe I have not been 100% honest with you guys. I did not mean to mislead you, but I didn't quite show you the truth either, so I am taking a deep breath and going to come clean.

From my photos you may have thought that my hair was naturally smooth and sleek.. like this...

Or this...
 But in reality (oh the shame) it's really like this...
Well, close enough anyway ;). I don't have a bad enough picture to show you, but this is the closest I could find. Bearing in mind it's mostly wet here and as it dries it will grow to 5 times the size...
 Now don't get me wrong, I love curls, but hate the frizz/ dryness and unmanageability that comes with them. One of my earliest childhood memories was the dread of my mum brushing my hair (and there was a lot of it as up to the age of 12 my hair was down to the small of my back).

Decades later and I am still ripping through it with a brush daily causing damage and split ends in the process. No amount of conditioner or detangler has ever made the slightest bit of difference.

Now a hair brush may not seem a life changing product to most, but it has really changed the daily grueling task of taming my lion's mane. I first spotted it on Holly's blog here and decided to check it out as I always trust her opinion. I ordered it from ASOS and fast forward a week I am so impressed that I had to sit down at 12am and tell you all.

Meet my new best friend - the Tangle Teezer

It may look like a cheap piece of plastic (which in essence it is), but it glides through even the most knotted hair like magic. I have no idea how it works so well, but I can honestly tell you that unlike so many things out there that promise amazing things, this one does exactly what it claims to. I have used it on dry and wet hair and the tangles were gone in seconds without any pulling, tugging, breaking and the usual handful of hair that my regular brushes rip out.

If you have curly, frizzy, afro, dry, coarse hair I highly recommend this brush. It is the best purchase for £10 I have ever made.

Can you tell that I love it yet? ;)


  1. YOu are AMAZINGLY Pretty on the second picture I mean all of them =)

  2. Your hairy is so very shiny, and I love love love the way you have styled it in the second picture :) xxx

  3. This really does sound like a wonder product! It sounds like we have very similar hair naturally... I definitely need to get one of these for the summer - after a day on the beach my hair is awful! xx

  4. You look so gorgeous Natalya in all the pics! So glad it works for you xx

  5. Don't worry hunni, my hair is way worse. But nothing wrong with wearing hair natural if you ask me.

  6. Tangle Teezer's are a complete lifesaver! They do look really cheap, but they work so well :)

  7. My hair is just the same. I have a constant battle with it! I think your hair looks lovely in its natural state though.

    The tangle teaser looks really good. I'm very tempted to buy one. x

  8. Wow, Natalya, you're such a liar! Haha, just kidding! I'm so glad you posted this because you described my hair to a T! Since my hair is sooo curly I only brush it before I wash it and it is always such a chore! And a painful chore, at that! (Cue the screaming, clawing, and gnashing of teeth!) But I'll definitely have to pick one of these bad boys up! Have a great weekend, lady!

  9. After reading about this on Holly's blog, I picked it up in Boots but decided I was spending too much so I put it back resolving to brush better but then of course, today I read your review and so I tottled off to Boots and finally purchased one. It seems a good day to start since I had salon appointment today. Now I can look after my new style! :)

  10. Im having a Lush giveaway for all my beauty lovers or Have a great weekend!

  11. It is Great to hear that Your Hair is saved Natalya. I am glad You have found a new brush that really helps You to Enjoy Your daily Hair routine.

  12. I think hair plays important role in look of any person.. Taking care of hair is very important. Your snaps are nice. I like your hair color very much..

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