Thursday, 29 April 2010

Skin & Bare It

You may remember that a little while ago I reviewed some moisturising lotions by Jergens Naturals, a brand not very much known in the UK, but a household name in the US. If you missed it you can read all about it here.

They have now launched a new online show that puts the nation's skincare regime to the test. The main focus of the videos is how well a skin care regimen works for you and what would happen if you swapped your routine for someone else. Is 'natural' (I don't like that term as everything in essence is natural, what I really mean is organic) always better and does it really make that much difference? I'm not sure as yet, let's watch and find out!

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Hmmm.. I'm not completely convinced yet, but I am definitely starting to lean towards organic products, though I wouldn't go as far as making my own oatmeal scrub as yet...

What are your thoughts on 'natural' (organic) skincare? I would love to know some of your recommendations of your must-have body care products! xxx


  1. I'm very happy that more and more people get interested in this subject. A couple of months ago I was just an ordinary (i.e. naive) consumer. I'm glad I came across 1 wonderful book that opened my eyes on some serious things/problems regarding all the speculations in our beloved beauty industry.

    When you'll have time, please have a look at my post about green beauty, beauty industry in general and controversy surrounding it:

    I really hope you'll find it useful. I value your opinion.

  2. hhmmm, this is a tough one, i think its merely a personal preference to be honest.

    Alot of people rave on about natural products being better, but like you said all things are infact naturally sourced someway or another.

    And organic products? well thats a whole different matter, lets just say a product has to contain a very low amount of organic produce before its actually certified how organic is any organic product out there... not at all.

    Though i like high tech products with alot of science behind it because its performance driven, so for things like anti aging, redness relief, collogen boosting etc etc unnaturally sourced stuff achieve better and quicker results imo.

    However, if for instance you want somethings which are mild for you skin, in a non irrating kind of way then a more fuss free and natural product is the way forward, imo.

    Anyway, many people can be allergic to natural products, as its in its purest form.

    I can go on, but i dont want to bore you, im soo interested in skin care and pumped full of info, but i personally think its all in personal preference at the end of the day.


  3. I think it is a common misconception that natural ingredients are better for the skin. There are many natural ingredients that irritate the skin, such as lavender for example.

    I do however, think it is important to think about our 'ecological foorprint' (I think that's what it's called - English isn't my first language). Eating organic food, when properly regulated, should ensure that less chemicals are used and the animals have a better life and stuff.

    I don't think there's anything wrong with organic food or even cosmetics. But I personally prefer not to use organic skincare because I have not found any good products that have proven benefits and don't irritate the skin. 'Green cosmetics' are just not able to compare to the non-organic products out there.


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