Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello my lovelies, I am finally back after my two and a half weeks of YouTube/blog/twitter hiatus. I spent a week in Moscow helping my mother move house, hence no Internet, and a week on holiday in Dubai (pics coming soon), which was absolutely amazing. However, I did have withdrawal pains and missed you all very much.

Unfortunately I have not been able to catch up properly on videos as my computer has decided to finally die on me and has become completely mute. Hopefully I will be getting a new one soon! I really want a MacPro, but am scared that I will be even worse at using it than I am with my sony vaio.. though I am not sure if it is possible for me to be more computer illiterate than I am.. hehe.

Anyway, on to the good stuff. Please be sure to watch the video below where I talk about my collaboration with oxfordjasmine and sirvinya on the brand spanking new elfcosmeticsUK channel.

They are having a channel launch giveaway, so if you subscribe to elfcosmeticsUK (and why not, it is after all free) you will get a chance to win an e.l.f. mineral eyeshadow. How lovely is that!! Just leave a comment below this video for your chance to win:

Hope you are all having a lovely week. I will try and get lots of videos and blogposts done this week, including a review coming up soon on a super cute and innovative product ideal for travelling and the girl on the go :).



  1. Aw glad you had an awesome time away, we all missed you too!

    I had a feeling something like this was coming with you, oxford jasmine and sirvinya :) Looking forward to seeing more videos from you guys on there :)

    See you at the Barry M event :)

  2. Hello! Aw thanks for the shout on the e.l.f channel! Missed you too, can't wait to catch with you and everyone at the BM event next week!

  3. awesome i need to try the elf products soon

  4. Are you part Russian? I had a feeling you had a bit of a more exotic mix than just english! I mean.. you are way to pretty to be english!

    I enjoyed my elf stuff but to be honest.. i havent used them often now that i tested them!

  5. Hey Natalya! Good to see that you're back! You should definitely get a MAC, I switched from a Dell recently and the MAC is so user-friendly. The apple website even has video tutorials on how to get started on a mac, etc. It's definitely an investment :)

  6. I was on the elf website last night for the first time - I can't believe how affordable it is! Also, your blue square ring is gorgeous, I have been hunting for something similar for ages! Love your blog, been following for a while now x

  7. The lipstick's not available at the moment T.T
    will patiently wait, such a lovely colour.
    also have my eyes on party pink :)

    Their product looks gorgeous on you <3


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