Friday, 15 May 2009

Lilash Review.

I have always had short, thin, stubborn lashes which I tried to plump up as much as possible with mascara, or else just give up and go for falsies. I was incredibly jealous of people with long, full eyelashes and wondered why nature had not blessed me with these. After all, my mother has lovely long lashes and even my boyfriend has camel-like eyelashes, though I'm sure boys don't really need them! Highly unfair!!

In a vain attempt to remedy this problem I purchased lilash from ebay in the beginning of February. At first I was skeptical, and after the first 4 weeks nothing changed and I thought that I had wasted my money yet again on a gimmick, but many of you encouraged me to continue so I carried on applying it twice a day along the top lashline. By 6 weeks I did start noticing a difference, and now at 10 weeks I have even had to trim a few of my eyelashes as they were touching my eyebrows and really getting in the way! Have I ever had this problem before? I think not!!

My eyelashes really have grown an incredible amount, but I would not say they have become much thicker or more in number, although I have noticed a reduced loss. Before lilash every night when I removed my makeup I would see a couple of casualties (and weep... not really!.. well, maybe a little), but now they seem much stronger and fewer lashes are fleeing each night :).

They have also become exceedingly curly, which would be great for people who have very straight lashes. However, for me, to be honest it is a bit irritating since it is very difficult to apply mascara as they curl back on themselves and make a mess. I would also caution those who wear glasses as I find the lashes make it somewhat uncomfortable.

Many of you have noticed the difference, even in my low quality videos, which I think is testimony enough! I now wear much less mascara and eyeliner and they still look long and full. I am extremely happy with the results! The evidence is clear in the photos.

Before lilash:
After Lilash:
I hope this review was helpful as many of you were enquiring about it.
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