Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Satellite3 is Glauca Rossi's new line of makeup inspired by space.

They say:
Glauca has influenced many of the world's most celebrated make-up artists. Her passion for make-up artistry, superior quality cosmetics and the excitement of space exploration have all led directly to her newest cosmetics line, Satellite3. Inspired by her love of astronomy, advances of space exploration and the need for a healthy environment, the Satellite3 range is available in recyclable containers, no bigger than the palm of your hand and, of course, shaped like spacecraft.
"The colours reflect the comets, planets and stars" explains Glauca "and our luminous powders accent the body and offer stunning highlights for the eyes and cheeks".

Glauca's reputation has been built in the pages of Vogue, Harpers & Queen and Elle as well as celebrities and models including Naomi Campbell, Jerry Hall and Meg Ryan.

My verdict:

It is a truth well known among beauty bloggers that we are all suckers for pretty and original packaging, no matter how much we want to deny it (MAC Hello Kitty anyone?). Therefore, this brand may appeal to those with a fondness of 'futuristic' gadgets and unique pieces. I am sure that a rocket shaped lipstick will attract a lot of attention when touching up your makeup on the tube ;).

Personally, this is not something I am particularly interested in. Although I like the idea of recyclable packaging, I do not think it is very practical to have a palette that only holds two shadows, while others sit in bulky plastic wrapping.

However, the shadows themselves are lovely! Since they are somewhat expensive(2 shadows and saucer packaging for £25, and refills for £7.50), I was expecting great quality, and I was not disappointed. Each shadow holds a generous 4.5ml and is extremely soft, pigmented and blends beautifully, the only drawback being the plasticine smell. The colour range is great, and I like the original names given to each shadow, which makes it easier to keep track of what you have.L toR: 2004 Fly Me To The Moon, 2030 Global Poshover, 2022 Black 2 The Future, 2023 Hyper Drive Me Crazy.
Bottom: Lipstick in Rosewell Belle

The rocket lipsticks (£15.99) also come in an interesting range of colours (including blue and violet) and finishes (including gloss). I tried Rosewell Belle, which was creamy, richly pigmented and long lasting. This is definitely the kind of lipstick that can be worn sheer or built up to an intense finish with a couple of coats. The website describes this as their 'tone on tone technology leaving you to decide the impact; so for more intensity just apply another layer'.

Overall I am pretty impressed with this range. It is good to see make-up artists designing their own lines and keeping them original, unlike the many brands we have seen sprouting up on YouTube.. ahem. Although the packaging for this line may only appeal to a niche market these cosmetics are of a high quality and I think they would make a fun present for any sci-fi lovers out there :).

What do you all think? Would you buy something that was bad quality, just for its great packaging or something of a great quality with tacky packaging? Does packaging lure you in every time or do you try and ignore it?
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