Saturday, 30 May 2009

Guess where this dress came from...

Today it is another gorgeous Summer day in London, so I decided to go all girly and wear a frilly butterfly print dress.

This dress makes me feel extremely secure given it is a strapless dress. As those of us with larger busts (I'm a 32D) know, sometimes it can be a bit of a struggle keeping the girls hidden when sudden gusts of wind and annoying tube train drivers are determined to free them ;). However, this one has good ribbing and a waist that goes in perfectly to keep everything secure and prevent the bustier from moving up or down when you walk.

All in all it is surprisingly comfortable, and even though it is pretty cutesy it has a silver metal zip detail at the back, which makes it a little more modern. Paired with silver flats and large shades I think it's great for the Summer.

And where did I get this dress you may ask? Well, to my utter shame, it came from M&S. Yes, the shop where everyone and their grandma buy their tights and flab fighting control pants. Perhaps, I am a little bit prejudiced, but I always considered it to be a store aimed at the older generation (my granny loves their nighties.. eeek!!), but yesterday I was surprised to find a few pieces that I really liked. I even picked up a couple of bikinis (once again good support, as I am no longer interested in non-existant triangles that do nothing to protect my modesty when waves are about). These may show up in a latter post- if any of you are interested :).

What do you guys think of M&S overhauling their image? Drab or fab?
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