Thursday, 21 May 2009

Anatomicals- Perfect hands and feet (just in case you're papped by heat).

Help the paw-
Do you never have to lift a finger to do anything? Have your hands never been in a washing up bowl? Do you never shake hands with anyone unless you're wearing white gloves? In short,are you HRH the queen of England? If you are, we'd just like to remind you that the corgis need a walk and to say that you have no need for this ultra soothing cream. If, however, your blood's more red than blue, buy tubes of the stuff. after all, look at all those dirty plates in the sink.

This hand cream is wonderfully rich, and a little will really go along way. It contains shea butter, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, green tea and licorice extracts, which make it deeply moisturising and perfect if, like me, you absolutely hate the feeling of dry hands (when my hands are dry I get that goosebumpy nails down a blackboard feeling). The scent is a little strange, but not off putting. It reminds me of E.L.F's all over colour sticks or sugar orange sweets from back in the day, but I would not describe it as overpowering and it fades quite quickly.

After using it for the past week my hands definitely feel soft and smooth. Since it is so rich I find it best as an overnight treatment as it does not sink into the skin straight away. It is not super oily, but there is definitely some residue left on my hands for a while (I personally like this as it continues hydrating), but while on the go it can be annoying, especially when turning those round door handles, as I found to my dismay :( hehe.

Soothing foot cream-
"I love you with the ferocity of an exploding thousand megaton nuclear bomb. your eyes are like deep pools I could jump naked into and save you from drowning. you are my rock, my pebble, my grain of sand on the beach of life where I dream of us walking hand in hand forever." if you think these lines are cheesy, take your shoes off after a hard day of being on your feet and you'll then know exactly why you need this ultra cooling, refreshing, soothing and deodorising cream. some new tights or socks wouldn't hurt either.

Feet- not a lovely topic to discuss as I generally think feet are horrible, but this cream does what it says on its wacky little box. It is a deeply moisturising and soothing foot cream containing vitamin E and peppermint oil with a refreshing mint scent.

With summer just around the corner it is time to make our tootsies presentable for strutting in sandals and wedges or even just lounging in flip-flops. This cream certainly helps to mend yucky cracked heels and other problem areas. Once again, I love to put this on after a shower or bath and just before bed to keep my feet looking smooth and smelling, well, fresh. I even used it on my legs as they started to flake a little when I got back from Dubai (silly sunburn) and it worked wonders. It is also good to use if someone is feeling generous enough to give you a foot rub ;).

This fantastic set, with 80ml of each cream, can be purchased on the anatomicals website for the very reasonable price of £3.50. I know, I was pretty impressed too! The site has a good, affordable range of products (made in the UK) and really funny descriptions/blurbs for each item. Just click on the link to have a giggle!


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