Friday, 13 July 2012

Work It Out: Suited

Although I am not usually the suited and booted type some days at work require a suit. Whether it is a business trip, an important meeting, or just one day you need to impress the boss a well cut suit can really give you confidence. Even if you don't work in a formal environment everyone needs a suit in their wardrobe... you never know when you will need it!

There are few places that can make a feminine, stylish suit that is fashionable. Most suits I try on make me feel far from confident as the child inside me scowls at the fact I'm wearing such 'grown up clothes', while my inner fashionista frowns at their frumpiness. Up till now I have purchased tailoring from Zara as well as a few bits from the ever conservative Austin Reed. However, I recently invested in a new suit in the Ted Baker sale and am exquisitely happy with it!

Suit: Ted Baker Prince of Wales (On sale here), Cami: Zara.
The jacket of this suit is cut so well that it fits snugly, but very comfortably. The lining is a gorgeous floral pattern and super silky (as shown on the back of the waistcoat below). These little details add a luxe feel while making it easy to wear with a cami or a shirt ensuring you can keep cool, even in the most stressful boardroom ;). There's nothing worse than a suit with a horrible, synthetic lining that makes you feel all flustered and hot!
All too often I find that I have to go up a size in jackets (I wear a 2 in TB) as they are too tight around the bust, yet too loose at the waist hiding any shape under an unflattering box cut. Ted Baker tailor their suits with the female body in mind, so that your shape is exaggerated, but modestly so. The button detailing on the skirt also adds some interest and makes it unique. This particular suit has matching trousers, which I am currently eyeing up, plus a waistcoat and a simple dress.

Do you often wear suits for work? Which are your favourite brands? Have you purchased any tailoring from Ted Baker? xxx


  1. That suit looks professional, yet stylish. I love it!

  2. Love this on you Natalya!! xx

  3. That suit looks great, you go girl!

  4. I love the whole work woman look! It looks really elegant! x

  5. That suit is AMAZING! You look like you belong in 50 shades of grey!
    Kate x

  6. You are absolutely gorgeous :)
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  7. if I wasn't married i'd spoil you rotten!

  8. Hi Natalya, I would love if you could check out my blog! Thanks!


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